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20 April 2018 - I lived in Bunbury in 1960's when Spencer Street was lined with houses and corner shops, and EH Holdens were totally "in". Our old house site is now in the middle of a car yard. Our local butcher's shop and deli both on Spencer Street are now also selling cars. Then the railway steamers coming in from Collie, Brunswick, Donnybrook or Busselton puffed right into the centre of town filling up the winter frosty morning air with coal smoke which on some days enveloped the whole town centre (cough). The wooden shipping jetty was there (with its little cool drink/bait shop at the start), as were the swimming baths jetties; and the BP fuel tanks, Marlston lighthouse and Boulter's Heights water tank stood proudly on their respective hills.

Caines and Noels had the bargains, Cronshaws had its creaky wooden floor boards, the Mayfair Theatre screened Mary Poppins, Haywards store warily eyed off predator Boans, the Plaza shopping centre was just some drawing on some draftsman's note pad, you were early at the Burly, even earlier at the swimming behind the Bright Spot, and ilmenite trucks rumbled up and down Spencer Street all hours of the day and night. Oliver's Frock Salon advertised on Norm Bain's morning 6TZ radio program between Chicken Man and Dr Paul. Cyril Mason's newsagency was always a bright light early on a winter's morning down on Victoria Street. Remember D'Raine and Howson butchers and Sherry's Pharmacy? Musgroves, Vox Adeon, Boans and HV South's record bars were some of my favourite haunts. I recall buying the Hey Jude single at South's. In 1967, the year of Sgt Pepper's and Carnaby Street, and there I was stuck on swinging Ecclestone Street in Carey Park, which, for all intents and purposes, might as well have been on the Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd later recorded my plight but happily they didn't have acne and were not wearing hand-me-down chequered Bermuda shorts nor suffering painful adolescent Sunday drives to Capel or Balingup. Desert Boots were all the rage, the Rowing Club was stomping and Stoke's Splash Cola was a favourite in the old corner shop.

Thos. Stokes & Co soft drink factory was on Wellington Street, just west of Wittenoom Street, probably where the Department of Transport car park is now, just west of the Railways Institute building. The factory has long been demolished but their products and people linger on in some memories like mine. Mr Stokes bought a soft drink business from founder Mr James Sloan some thirteen years after he (Sloan) established it in 1898. The name then changed and the business continued to prosper. Mr Stokes lived next door to his factory, probably part of where the Dept Transport office is now. He is credited with sinking the town's first water bore and was a Bunbury Town Counsellor for many years. The McNish family owned the business in the 1960's but apart from that I don't know about the ins and outs of ownership changes over the years.

At least in the late 1960's it was customary for high school students to get a summer job. Well, it was in our family anyway. The usual parental reason was that the money was needed for next year's school books, but perhaps also to kick us out of the house. My job was at Stokes, mainly working on the bottle washing machine which was a contraption resembling something out of the industrial revolution. We stacked used bottles upside down into rows of holes on a moving conveyor which creaked on into the bowels of the machine using pressure water squirting up and everywhere together with strong smelling chemicals to wash the glass. On the way out the bottles were rinsed then retrieved, checked for cleanliness and then stacked in crates ready for re-filling. Cleaning them (and checking them) was a rather inexact science, so to say, which is most likely why bottles are not re-filled any more. With loads of evening overtime I think I cleared about ten dollars per week. It was fun though and a good bunch of people - Sam, Jerry, Rex, Stephen, Roy, Frank and a few others. You could drink as much product as you liked throughout the day. Absolutely great for teenage acne. In the end I think another market player bought the business with a view to eliminating this competition, which it successfully did. Now the factory land is used as a car parking place, just like our old house site, deli and butcher's shop.

13 February 2018 - When I drove out to Pingrup and Jerramungup and surrounds a bit over a year ago, for a lot of road time I tuned into AM radio 6WF and listened to the commentary of the Australia versus Pakistan cricket test match being played at the time. It was real comfort to me on some of those lonely roads. Alison Mitchell was magic. The other week I was in Pinjarra during an Australia versus England test match and I asked my pal how he was enjoying listening to the match whilst on the road. He drives a rather swish, modern car and told me his radio can only pick up FM stations so he couldn't listen to 6WF thus he missed out on all the cricket. Now that's progress for you.

Back in the 1960's there was no FM radio in Perth. It was all AM and along the dial were 6WF, 6WN, 6PR, 6PM, 6IX and 6KY, in that order. 6WF (WF = Wesfarmers), was the first radio station in Perth and is part of the ABC. 6WN was the rather serious ABC station full of news and classical music. The bright 6PR had the Good Guys led by Keith McGowan (with Keith Taylor, Bill Rule, Garry Meadows, Peter Newman and others) and relayed news and some other bits to 6TZ in Bunbury then through to 6CI in Collie. 6PM slept for a while but I recall them storming all over their airwaves rivals a short while later, perhaps that was through Lionel Yorke and his colleagues including Gordon O'Byrne? 6PM-AM relayed through to Northam. 6IX was always there in the middle. It never shone but never went away either. 6IX relayed to 6WB Katanning and 6MD Merredin and Johnny Young DJ'd here in the mid 1960's for a while. 6KY "music and news is Nusic 6KY" was at the bottom of the dial but they claimed it to be the top. Its journey started in 1941. 6KY is now 94.5FM. Great days, great listening to the high rotation top 10 singles, the radio jingles and the fine patterned, platter patter of all those DJ's. Magic .. thank you. As far as I know, apart from the ABC, none of those stations made it as far as Pingrup.

04 September 2017 - For those who don't know, the building on the corner of West Coast Highway and Scarborough Beach Road - the Contacio's building - is about to be knocked down to make way for a 40-storey high rise. Just about all of the shop tenants have moved out so demolition appears imminent. I have therefore gone down and taken a few pictures while it is still there. Obviously on the Scarborough page. Look out for a few new photos in Shenton Park, Kingsley, Carlisle, Wembley and also North Perth, parts of which I inexplicably altogether missed before.

09 July 2017 - If you're interested in watching aircraft and live close to Perth, then a great place to visit is the Perth Airport viewing area which is located down near the southern end of the main runway, just off Dunreath Drive. There are road signs. Take the Dunreath exit off the Tonkin Highway. A tip is to try and make it a day when the aircraft are landing from the south to get the full spectacle. During the winter this occurs quite often due to varying winds, but in the summer hardly at all. I was out there today and added a few more (12) plane pics to my Perth Airport locality. Check out the aircraft movements here (what's due and which end they are landing) ... copy and paste this to your browser:,115.8/7 ... good website

17 April 2017 - I had a link to Don Copley's WAStations page but the web address now seems to be invalid and I can't find the site. I had to remove the link because it is now going to some weird overseas site - nothing to do with railways. If anyone knows the address of the web page can you let me know please?

31 March 2017 - There are a few new photos added to North Dandalup, Mundijong, Mardella, Serpentine, Rivervale and Scarborough.

02 January 2017 - The Western Australian railways network peaked in 1937 at some 6,600 kilometres. Look at a rail map from those days and you will see that hardly a town was missed, at least south of Geraldton. Whereas I always seem to bemoaning the closure of a line or station, the growth of the network was all perhaps a bit fanciful? The rail network certainly opened up parts of Western Australia however when you look at the size, location and history of some of these places, the connection to the rail network could hardly have been viable even from day one. The sheer size of Western Australia and therefore distances was never in our favour either. Victoria would have been a cinch.

The expansion of the network, particularly in the 1930's depression years would have provided much-needed employment and therefore hope for so many families. So it did serve a purpose in that way. After World War II the network got "found-out" and in the 1950's we lost something like 1,320 kilometres of track and it's been shrinking ever since. Improved road and motor vehicle technologies never helped the railways either. Never mind the Dinninup to Kojonup route, Premier Charles Court even tried to permanently close the Perth to Fremantle passenger line! Such was and is the post-war State Government commitment to railway operations.

If you look at (say) the line from Gnowangerup to Ongerup (which closed in the 1950's), you may wonder why the track was ever built in the first place. How much freight went in and out of Ongerup? It was also never on a passenger route. So you have perhaps 60-70 kilometres of track to maintain, a station master to be paid, goods sheds and railways personnel to be paid, a railway barracks to be maintained, coaling (the coal was railed in) and watering facilities all to cater for perhaps 3-4 trains per week. Not to mention the cost of the locomotives, crews and rolling stock - and the initial capital cost to set up the whole deal.

The passenger network was never going to stand-up in the long run either. "The Mullewa" took 14 hours up (average about 23 mph) to make the 330 mile journey. We lost the Albany Progress, the Albany Weekender, the Midlander (Geraldton), the Westland and Kalgoorlie Express. The Bunbury Shopper (Belle) was another casualty. Perhaps the only reason the Australind and Prospector passenger services run today is that the lines have to be highly maintained for freight, otherwise they'd go too. They could hardly pay for themselves. Unless you are a real rail buff or have a total aversion to flying, you'd never go on the Indian Pacific either. It is far cheaper to drive or to fly.

The country rail network was privatised some time back and now it is used almost exclusively for grain haulage. The network was divided into Tier 1, 2 and 3 lines with the tier 3 lines being progressively closed, such as that between York and Bruce Rock via Quairading. Probably next to go will be the Tier 2 lines. Well, it was nice while it lasted. The whistle of the first steam train into Ongerup may still be echoing in some old-timer's ears as he sits on his verandah watching scores of semi-trailers hauling the wheat crop off to market. Plenty of jobs for truckies. Maybe one of them is a grand-child of that Ongerup old-timer?

28 December 2016 - Added are the localities of Elgin and Jarrahwood. There are also new pictures in Dardanup, Yoongarillup and Bunbury.

21 December 2016 - A trip down south finally. Look for these 15 new locations: Amelup, Badgebup, Borden, Broomehill, Gnowangerup, Jerramungup, Kamballup, Kendenup, Needilup, Nyabing, Ongerup, Pingrup, Porongurup, Tambellup and Tenterden. There are also some new or updated pics in Arthur River, Cranbrook, Dumbleyung and Katanning. Look for the December 2016 picture date.

24 September 2016 - Just added is the new locality of The Dale plus a handful or two of new pictures in and around Beverley

18 September 2016 - I called into Yarloop the other day, the first time since after the fire. Of course the townsite has been mostly cleaned up of fire debris so there are not a lot of sights to stun the senses, apart from the fenced ruins of the steam workshops and hall, the debris of which both remain. So many sandy blocks which once had houses. It all seems so random. Stand at the railway line and look down at the post office and store and you'd never believe a fire had gone through this place. Turn slightly to the left and the hotel has gone. Keep turning right around and the Cabin Restaurant, the Steam Workshops and nearby cottages have all gone. The south of Yarloop, around the school, was not touched. The Catholic Church on the north side perished but the old Anglican building closer to the town centre came through unscathed yet flames were apparently only metres away. I would not ever want to live through that. Whereas there are a few places for sale around town, I see families living in transportables or caravans on the blocks where their houses once were, and also some signs of rebuilding. A hardy bunch of people

11 July 2016 - Been fiddling around south of Fremantle, expanding and righting a few wrongs. Added is the suburb of Beaconsfield. Moved there are a number of photos I had in South Fremantle plus introduced some new ones. Also added is the locality of Palmyra. There are also a few new pictures in Fremantle East, Coogee, South Fremantle and Woodman.

06 June 2016 - I have re-worked the locality of Brookton, adding 16 new pics. Also introduced is the small town of Aldersyde. There are also some new photos of Beverley and York.

Added some into Fremantle Central and Fremantle West (around Bather's Beach), and also a look at the development of the new stadium and its train station at Burswood.

30 April 2016 - Another country trip has been on the radar for some time now but because of work and family commitments it just hasn't happened yet.

I completed my re-work of photo descriptors in A-Z Localities but of course they can never be perfect or complete. For example, a kind gentleman very recently wrote to me and corrected me on what I assumed about the history of Gleneagle, and I am so grateful to him. Shouldn't make assumptions but in the absence of anything else sometimes I have to.

Minor changes. There a few photo additions to Guildford, Bassendean, Mundijong, Perth Foreshore, Bayswater and Gingin. Also added is the locality of Hamilton Hill.

09 February 2016 - Just included are quite a few more pictures in the Fremantle East End page of things that I somehow missed before

09 January 2016 - I feel so very sad over the bushfire devastation in Yarloop. So many peoples' lives shattered over this event and so much local history irreplaceably lost. My thoughts are with all the Yarloop Families and businesses. Such a terrible ordeal to have to deal with

25 December 2015 - Just added are the localities of: Badgingarra, Dandaragan, Eneabba, Horrocks, Hutt River Province, Nabawa, Nanson, Northampton and Port Gregory. There are also a few new pictures of Geraldton

07 October 2015 - I have added a sequence of new photos under the Perth Foreshore locality taking in progress of the Elizabeth Quay project. Also added have been a few more around West Perth

11 September 2015 - Not been idle. In fact totally the opposite. Still working my way through updating photo descriptions and histories. I'm just about at the end of the country M's now so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So much has changed but unless you have a particular interest in a place/picture then you'd probably never notice. There are a sprinkling of new pictures in Subiaco, West Perth and North Fremantle. Look for the photo dates

16 July 2015 - Just added are 11 more photos of Dowerin, 11 more of Wyalkatchem, and 11 of the newly added locality of Minnivale

08 July 2015 - No new localities added in the last month. Still working my way through improving photo descriptors. The metropolitan suburbs are complete and now I'm in the country. A sprinkling of new photos can be found in Brigadoon, Bullsbrook, Boyanup, Bunbury and Cookernup

01 June 2015 - Alkimos. I have been keeping tabs on the new suburb of Alkimos, just watching the growth and the changes as sort of a pet subject. Went up there today and added a few more photos. It's actually quite a good study of a place that's changed from sand dunes to civilization in just a handful of years. The growth in this area is amazing. How long before residents need dual carriageway Marmion Avenue, a Freeway extension, or even extending the north-south rail this far? It will all happen in time. I wonder what will be the limit of Perth's urban sprawl? Nice area though but I wouldn't want to be commuting all the way to Perth to work.

31 May 2015 - No more new localities added since early April. I do have a couple of trips planned but they may not happen until later in during the year, when the days are a bit warmer. I am continuing to alphabetically re-work the pages and next on the list is city site West Perth. There are some new pictures in Toodyay, York and Beverley, a few in Kings Park and one or two updates here and there.

05 April 2015 - Just added these fine towns: Dudinin, Hyden, Jitarning, Karlgarin, Katanning, Kondinin, Kukerin, Kulin, Lake Grace, Narembeen and Woodanilling. A great trip through the Eastern Wheatbelt and into the Great Southern. My overnight at Lake Grace was a welcome stop and the hospitality was wonderful. Waking up early, going outside and watching the sunrise, hearing the birds wake up, breathing crisp clean air, seeing the first rays of light slant across the countryside was magical. Who could ask for anything better?

24 March 2015 - I have just added these new localities (takes a deep breath): Beacon, Bencubbin, Bodallin, Bullfinch, Burracoppin, Carrabin, Doodlakine, Hines Hill, Kununoppin, Merredin, Mollerin, Moorine Rock, Mukinbudin, Nangeenan, Nungarin, Southern Cross and Westonia. Also I have added a few more photos of Trayning. Some trip - 1,200 kms. My overnight at the Mukinbudin Hotel was tremendous. Had a good chance to spend a lot of time exploring the town and also talking across the bar with mine host and his charming Parisian staff member. Excellent Mukinbudin hospitality

27 February 2015 - Just where is Northbridge? A simple enough question, I suppose, until I looked closely at my 2012 UBD. The suburb of Northbridge is actually quite tiny and was "created" in 1982. Officially it is bounded by the Midland - Fremantle railway line to the south, the Mitchell Freeway to the west, William Street to the east and Newcastle Street to the North.

So if you are on William Street in Perth City, then you proceed north (on the left side of William Street), you will pass into and through Northbridge but after you cross Newcastle Street you are back in Perth again. True. To add to to conundrum, when you cross over Newcastle Street on your way north, you actually leave the City of Perth and enter the City of Vincent but you are still in Perth.

So, it all gets very confusing. Even the Northbridge Hotel on the corner of Lake and Brisbane Streets is not in Northbridge at all, it's in Perth. When people tell me they are going to Wing Hong butchers, VHT or the Brisbane Hotel, they say they are going to Northbridge, not to Perth. Common use should perhaps prevail.

The Hyde Park Hotel I erroneously had placed in Northbridge. My UBD says it's in West Perth. The Government InHerit site says it's in North Perth (Place 14914). West Perth was bisected when the Mitchell Freeway was being built back in 1970. So anyway, I have reshuffled photos all around these areas and created a new locality called "Perth North", to comply with the borders based on my UBD - unless that's wrong as well. I hope it all doesn't change again next week otherwise I'll never find my way to the Hyde Park Hotel. Makes my life interesting though

05 February 2015 - Recently added new towns are Nannup, Yoongarillup and Brookhampton. I have added new photos to Leederville. I am progressively working through updating the Metro pages in alphabetic order. The latest has been Jolimont

04 February 2015 - This website has just been off the air for about 60 hours due to mysterious reasons not specified to me by my web hosts. My humble apologies to all but it was quite outside my control. Extremely frustrating for me

01 January 2015 - I have spent a few days reworking Fremantle Central and Fremantle West localities with quite a few new photos, some photo updates, and loads more information for each photo. Taking the photo is the simple bit (although after looking at Geoff Inoz Flickr page - see Links) I say that with a grain of salt. Researching each image has been a challenge. I use my own eyes as the primary reference source but then have to refer to the Net for more information. Without the State Heritage Council information and the City of Fremantle lists I would have been totally lost. Many thanks to the Wiki site "List of Heritage Places in Fremantle" and a few others. If an editor of that Wiki site would like to contact me I may be able to help fill in a few gaps on the site

29 December 2014 - A question for the IPAD experts please. This site uses a fairly simple Java script to click (touch) to open large images in a new window and another click will close that window. Recently I upgraded my IPAD Gen3 to IOS 8.1.2 and now the script does not work. It tries to open a new tab/window but it simply flashes briefly and doesn't load. However, if I go to IPAD Settings, Safari, then turn off Show Tab Bar, the Java script works well albeit slightly differently. Actually, I don't like to Show Tab Bar as the bar gets far too cluttered but I think "On" is the system default. If any kind person could advise how I can get the script to work with the Show Tab Bar on, I'd really appreciate it. Have a look at my source code on any Locality page. My email address is on the Home Page

10 December 2014 - I am slowly updating the metro localities and recently have re-worked East Fremantle and North Fremantle. There are quite a number of new photos on those pages but I am not finished with them yet. Also changes to Cottesloe with a couple of additions and updates. New Perth localities added are Manning, Glendalough and Innaloo. We've reached 300 localities!

17 November 2014 - Not one to let the grass grow under my feet, I have added the towns of Ballidu, Pithara, Dalwallinu and Wubin. I have also updated Miling. There is also a picture of one of the salt lakes at Damboring (under "Lakes", Special Interests), and a couple of the Anglican Church at Cullham near Toodyay (under Churches Anglican)

10 October 2014 - New localities just added are - Kojonup, Cranbrook, Mount Barker, Albany, Denmark, Nornalup, Walpole, Northcliffe, Pemberton and Manjimup. Updated pages include Balingup, plus special interest pages of Railways Locomotion and Railways Misc (Pemberton additions). A big update, a total of 284 more photos added!

17 September 2014 - Finally did another trip! Welcome to the localities of Green Head, Leeman, Dongara, Greenough, Walkaway, Geraldton, Mingenew, Three Springs, Carnamah, Coorow, Watheroo and Coomberdale

Specific information regarding buildings and landmarks is often difficult to come by. I'd like to acknowledge the fine building history signs in the towns of Coorow and Carnamah. I also referred to the Dongara Heritage Walk booklet, the Central Greenough Historic Settlement booklet, the Geraldton 2013 Visitor Guide, and the City of Geraldton Development Guide of April 2003 (City of Geraldton per Considine and Griffiths, Architects) for facts relating to the history of the contents of some of my photographs. These sources are essential to the stories. Thank you

22 July 2014 - Since last writing I have added more photos to the Mandurah, Donnybrook, Dardanup, Perth Hay Street and Bullsbrook pages. The locality of Walyunga has been added. I am progressively updating and improving photo descriptors but this is slow going. A bit of a slog as I am having to do quite a bit of research. Father Ted Doncaster has been magnificent in providing me with a wealth of information about Anglican Churches featured in this site

08 June 2014 - Added are the localities of Karrinyup and Gleneagle. There are new photos in the localities of Armadale, Ascot, Bassendean, Butler, Canning Bridge, Clarkson, Kelmscott and Mount Claremont

01 May 2014 - A week or two ago we travelled through Dwellingup and then on to Marradong and then south to Quindanning. I have added the two latter mentioned as new localities. Marradong was a thriving town in the 1920's but there is not much left there of that era now in terms of old buildings. Quindanning is a pleasant small town south of Marradong. I also added a couple of new photos of Boddington

05 April 2014 - Collie. The other day I passed through Collie and have added/updated a few photos of there, plus added the locality of Allanson

At the foot of many locality pages is a link to a "cousin" page on the W.A. Now and Then website (a link to its home page is on my Links page). My site concentrates on photos and their specific descriptions whereas W.A. Now and Then presents a lot of district information, extensive history and anecdotes which I find particularly interesting, so please give some of these links a try (but don't forget to come back here again!)

25 March 2014 - Yesterday my web visitor counter ticked over 50,000 and I'd like to thank everyone who drops in to have a look. Truly gratifying and makes my efforts worthwhile. So, thanks again to all! Now that cooler weather is on the way I'll be back into the countryside again though not exactly sure to where yet. I have added a small amount of Perth suburbia photos over the last couple of months but nothing of a magnitude that has warranted special note

21 January 2014 - There are some updates and additions to Lake Clifton (Thrombolites), Waroona, Pinjarra (High School), Coolup, Mandurah (Rushton Park and Dog Track), Harvey, Hamel, Yarloop and Mundijong

15 January 2014 - I have split off Yanchep National Park from the Yanchep locality and added a few more photos to both places

26 December 2013 - Welcome to the localities of Cowaramup, Yallingup, Cape Naturaliste, Margaret River, Witchcliffe, Augusta and Cape Leeuwin. Updated localities include some new pictures at the end section of Bunbury plus a few around Brunswick

30 November 2013 - The "Subjects" selection is now in place on all pages, on the top menu bar. Subjects are where I have grouped photographs with a similar theme into one page. This addition is specifically designed to assist teachers and students who are seeking an image or information about a particular topic. I hope it also has broader appeal. It's certainly not finished yet. I'll be adding more subjects regularly, as the days go by

24 November 2013 - Added a few more photos in East Fremantle - the oval, the old raceway and the primary school, plus a couple of the Bicton school

23 November 2013 - I am continuing to produce more subject composite pages, most of which are pretty reasonable, but some I have been found out by not taking many pictures of certain subjects. As I expand these I'll sort them into alpha order and maybe even put them on a separate page

21 October 2013 - Lake Monger and Herdsman. I've just added these two localities. Great places right now for a walk or bike ride around them after all the rain Perth has enjoyed. The lakes are pretty full and wildlife such as swans, ducks, black fowl, white ibis, spoon-bills are in good numbers plus we sighted a few long-necked tortoises and loads of cockatoos, lorikeets etc.

15 October 2013 - Butler. All this talk about new railway lines going all over Perth, especially around state election time, I took with several grains of salt. I was up in the northern suburbs the other day and noticed that the rail line had been extended north of the Nowergup depot so, after a bit of looking around to see where the line was going, we came across the new Butler station in an advanced state of construction! This has been kept pretty quiet and I was a little surprised to see it. Therefore I have added the new Butler locality so you can go and look at the new railway station for yourself

10 October 2013 - Toodyay. The locality of Toodyay has been totally remodelled and extended. It's looking pretty good now. Thanks to the Shire for all the information signs. We missed them initially - I didn't see them on the backs of rubbish bins. As usual, if you see any mistakes or have any further information, do please drop me a line

05 October 2013 - Middle Swan. Today we called in at the Swanleigh Hostel in Middle Swan. I can't believe I have overlooked this place for so long given my early connection with Fairbridge (Pinjarra) and how many Fairbridge -v- Swanleigh sports events were held (not that I was ever picked, I didn't know one end of a football from the other) back in the 1950's, 1960's. So I have presented some photos of Swanleigh in the newly added Middle Swan locality. I would really like to hear from an old Swanleigh resident who could add more commentary and history to the photos

30 September 2013 - Hovea. We re-visited John Forrest National Park up in the hills out from Perth and took a few more photos in the park. These can be found under the Hovea locality.

A few days ago we re-called in at Muchea, Bindoon, New Norcia, Mogumber, Gingin and the Gingin Gravity Centre so look for new pictures in those localities. Whilst in Mogumber we went looking for the old Methodist Mission but I think all the buildings have been pulled down now. Perhaps not a bad thing given its history. There is an Aboriginal cemetery near where the Mission stood, containing a rather stark and startling remembrance wall although very artfully presented. It's hard to believe so many names are on the wall. Out of cultural respect, I am not publishing any pictures of the cemetery area

I luckily managed to get a few pictures of the old Victoria Plains Agricultural Hall (near New Norcia) which is literally teetering on total annihilation

16 September 2013 - Added the locality of Woodvale plus updated Mindarie and Wanneroo. Also an unfinished Cannington has been added. Since the new code on the website and partially due to my over-sight, Google has finally been picking up the revised pages. File extensions on the old site used to be .htm, this one is .html which can be light-years apart as they are viewed as totally different files, which of course they are. On we go

01 September 2013 - Welcome to the new-look Photographs of Perth website. It may not look very different but it has been completely re-coded using another web product. If you find anything that looks odd or doesn't work I'd really appreciate the feedback. It might take a short while until web browsers pick up the revised pages and index them

16 July 2013 - One problem I have had with this website is that when you click on an image to enlarge it the new window opens over to the right of screen instead of in the centre. I think I have fixed this but still testing. I am piloting it in the York locality. Any feedback appreciated as I can't test every version of every web browser

If you use dual monitors and have the browser open on the second monitor, the full picture may display on the primary screen. It actually looks OK to me but might not suit everyone. I need research Java script to rectify this

There is something decidedly strange when viewing this site in Safari for Windows. Not much I can do about that, sorry. It's all got to do with the way Safari handles Java script

16 July 2013 - We did a quick trip east of the city the other day and added to and updated the localities of Goomalling, Mumberkine, Jennacubbine and Toodyay. Also some updates to Dwellingup

09 July 2013 - The number of photos of this site has been growing, but where have they come from? Mostly here and there around the metro area. I have added more pictures of Bayswater, Highgate, East Perth, Subiaco, West Perth, Leederville, Victoria Park, Ascot and Duncraig and also added the locality of Ardross. We certainly get around!

03 June 2013 - I'd like to welcome six new localities to this site which I visited a few days ago. These are Bruce Rock, Shackleton, Ardath, Corrigin, Yealering and Wickepin. Good trip and very pleasant towns. The country people I get to speak with are always very friendly and informative. I covered 680 kilometres in the day and the freezing winter winds in most of these towns were hard to take but at least the photos weren't. I also took the opportunity of getting updated photos of the Quairading and Pingelly (Exchange) hotels

26 April 2013 - Apart from adding localities and photos, I am trying to provide a better description on each page with historical and topical information. I hope this will be useful. I am using Landgate's excellent website as my main reference point. Also, when I write up the notes next to each photo in the locations, I try to provide a bit of background especially with old buildings. Some towns/suburbs are absolutely marvelous with historical plaques whereas others provide very little and even researching the Internet can draw a blank. No names mentioned! So if you have a fact or two regarding something you see on this site then please do drop me a line so I can make the descriptors more complete. I've had some fabulous letters over the last couple of years doing just that and the information is invaluable in recording and therefore helping preserving the history and making it available to everyone

25 April 2013 - Welcome to the localities of Benger, Roelands and Burekup all situated between Harvey and Bunbury. We have also added to or updated the photo collections of Bunbury, Wokalup and Harvey. Also, making the most of the school holidays, we re-visited Midland and Guildford and I have added to and updated those locality pages

13 April 2013 - Have filled in a few gaps on Hay Street, Perth City, plus we re-visited Cottesloe and Claremont so look for a few new pictures in those locations

30 March 2013 - As promised, we've been hovering around the city a bit in the last couple of weeks and have added photos to Perth St Georges Terrace and Perth Wellington Street localities. More will come. We also went across to the sadly neglected (by us) Victoria Park and took a few pictures there. If you're interested in looking at progress being made regarding the re-modeling of Perth station tracks and platforms, go into 'Train Stations City' down the bottom of Locality A-Z in the Special Interests section. I'll drop by the station area every few weeks to see what's going on.

18 March 2013 - It's all very well swanning around the countryside but neglecting our capital city which is just down the road from me? So I'm rectifying that. I've added to Perth City Adelaide Terrace and a couple of extras at the east end of Hay Street (Queens Gardens). I'll be in and out of the city over the next few weeks looking around to see what I've missed and making some improvements. Also added is the hills suburb of Gooseberry Hill. Oh, I do plan on doing some more 'swanning' very soon!

25 February 2013 - Welcome to the towns of Arthur River, Wagin, Dumbleyung and Highbury. There are also a couple of new additions in Beverley plus a pub I previously missed in Narrogin.

10 February 2013 - We visited Whiteman Park again a couple of times recently and I would like to take a moment to congratulate the Bennett Brook Railway people with all the fine work they are doing relocating and renovating old railway buildings that would otherwise be consigned to neglect. Wouldn't it be fabulous if the Bassendean Train Museum could use some of the massive space they have here, and relocate some of their stock up here?

28 January 2013 - Been busy little bees these school holidays and they're not over yet. Now you can go north of Lancelin through to The Pinnacles, Cervantes and Jurien Bay. A good trip. On the new Indian Ocean Drive section between Lancelin and Cervantes, you can clearly see Wedge Island where the road bends and runs down towards the ocean (going north) but there is not a single sign post or anything to acknowledge Wedge's existence. It's like it's a 'locality non grata' or perhaps our own local secret military base? Hardly either but I wonder why the road there (wherever it is) is not marked? Is this what 'Save Wedge' car stickers are all about?

I have also added some more pictures in the Crawley, Fairbridge, Mosman Park, North Perth, Perth Arts, Rottnest Island and Woodlands localities.

23 January 2013 - We re-visited York the other day and I have added a whole lot more photos and also updated some. They give a more complete view of the town, I hope.

23 January 2013 - We were down at Mosman Park the other day and I couldn't help notice the state of the row of shops on the highway, opposite the railway station. When I lived in Mosman Park some decades ago, these shops thrived and provided necessaries for people living in the area, particularly in the nearby blocks of flats. Businesses in such centre have a strong symbiotic relationship. Key traders such as a delicatessen, a cafe, a newsagency and maybe a fruit and vegie shop form the core which attract customers and neighbouring shops benefit from the passing trade. When one or more of these keys businesses moves out, it has a domino effect and centres such at the one in Mosman Park are left with either empty premises or very highly specialised businesses (settlement agency, laundromat, yoga centre in this case) which simply don't attract passers-by and viability can be short-lived. It is a downward spiral. Subsequently there is little incentive for the centre owners to pour money into upkeep and painting when the returns aren't there. This is occurring in many Perth suburbs. The trend has been to scientifically designed (business types/mix/layout) large shopping centres to which travel by private vehicle is necessary. It's not all bad though.

06 January 2013 - Added a handful of photos of Busselton - nice to welcome the locality! As this trip was a family day, not a photo day, I have to make do with what I could. I'll do another trip when the weather cools down and include some towns further south.

01 January 2013 - It never ceases to amaze me. I receive emails from so many kind people either assisting with photo and/or locality facts or simply so say hello and that they've enjoyed looking at the photos. Many thanks to everyone who has written, I do get back to all of you and you certainly help to enrich this site with your local knowledge. Yesterday I received John's email (who lives in Massachusetts, U.S.) and that someone so far away would enjoy looking around at the bit of Western Australia that I have to display really gives me a lift!

29 October 2012 - A visit back to Northam inspired by Ian of Duncraig has resulted in a far more complete view of the town. Ian has been tremendously helpful in advising me of landmarks and filling in some of the history.

15 October 2012 - Added a few new pictures of Midland, Guildford and Bassendean plus the new locality of Como.

09 October 2012 - I was in Scarborough the other day and noticed that the West Coast Seas holiday accommodation has been demolished and a high-rise is going up there. This led me to reflect on quite a few other buildings or landmarks which have disappeared since I photographed them. Sometime soon, very close to my home, the Glengarry Tavern will turn into a liquor super-barn - a supermarket chain bought this pub relatively recently so this change has probably been on the drawing board since day one. Sad really, goodbye to another community watering hole. Of course, this is not a new phenomenon in any area. The Shell garage on Warwick Road was acquired a few years ago by Coles and its price discounting assisted the demise of Ampol on Marri Road, and BP at the south end of Davallia. Other disappearances include Perth Entertainment Centre, structures on the Esplanade, the Perth Ferris wheel, old Victoria Park train station, Guildford Hotel (partly), Claremont Council Chambers (partly), remodeling Perth railway station, and quite a few others I can't think of right now. So it proves that this site is recording history!

05 October 2012 - Recent locality upgrades include Scarborough, Trigg, Welshpool, Wilson, Mandurah, Dwellingup, Pinjarra, Mundijong, Serpentine, Floreat, Crawley, Cottesloe and Perth city.

23 September 2012 - Are the aliens taking over? In front of, or very conspicuously next to just about any building, are very often one or more of these weird aliens. What are they? Green men from Mars? Close - I'm talking about green wheelie bins - the blight of anyone wanting to take a good photo of an historic building. Can't they hide them somewhere, preferably back on Mars?

10 September 2012 - For those who drop in here from time to time you may have noticed that I have been making the images a little larger as they seem to display better. The incremental file size increase is marginal so the change shouldn't impact your Internet performance, hopefully.

05 August 2012 - The other day I was in the Coogee/Woodman Point area taking a few more pictures. I came across an old chimney stack which (I later learned) was once part of the Robb Jetty Abattoir. And there it was, all on its own in the middle of a field with no marking to say what it is. I wonder what happened to the rest of the building? This just seems a token remnant unless the rest of the place was falling down or full of asbestos. We seem to have a habit of pulling down old buildings and leaving tokens of no practical use such as the Barracks Archway and the facades on William Street in front of Raine Square. Another that springs to mind is the Palace Hotel on the Terrace. In my opinion, the most jarring remnant is the bit of St Georges Hall in front of the District Court on Hay Street. Still, I suppose something is better than nothing. By contrast, see how the row of Newspaper House, Royal Insurance building, W.A. Trustees building, the Old Technical School and Old Perth Boys School have been almost wholly retained and the renovation and refurbishment is a credit to all those involved.

13 July 2012 - We went up through Mogumber etc to Moora and then a little bit east the other day so I've added a few more country localities. Also, restructured some background Java code that displays the images so my HTML editor doesn't go mad at me for 'invalid' tags such as PBSrc and also to get (hopefully) better recognition in Google Images. When you click on an image, make sure you click on it again to close it before moving on. If you click anywhere else with the big image open, the image window will stay open but underneath on whatever you clicked on. Such are the joys of web development and the joys of navigating around sites on the Internet. Good luck.

25 May 2012 - I've only lived in Perth for 40-odd years and have heard of Trigg Island but until I went there the other day, I didn't know such an island really existed. The suburb just seems to be called Trigg these days. I only live about 5 minutes from there, so there you go, amazing what you can find at your own back door if you take the time to go and look. Good place to visit. So I've added some beach-type pics of around there, under 'Trigg', metro locality. And yes, the island really does exist!

10 May 2012 - There are a couple of quite nice beach pictures in the newly added Perth locality of City Beach

21 April 2012 - Did a trip down south the other day. If you travel east of Collie, I've added Darkan. You can travel south from there if you wish, and complete a big loop back around to Donnybrook. Happy travelling!

14 April 2012 - Got a real early start and drove up through some towns in the wheatbelt I haven't been to for a long, long time. Landed in Dowerin then headed east to Wyalkatchem then to Trayning, north to Koorda, then back home again via Cadoux. I was low on fuel when I got to Trayning and no petrol is for sale there on Saturday (or Sunday) so I had to miss a couple of towns including Bencubbin as I had to back-track to Wyalkatchem for fuel.

27 February 2012 - We went on a trundle up to Two Rocks via the fairly new Marmion Avenue extension the other day and en route stopped off at a new suburb called Alkimos (or Shorehaven, take your pick). I am amazed to see suburban development so far away from the city. The blocks there are relatively cheap but building a house would be as expensive as anywhere - probably more so as the builders would have to travel. There are some fine houses going up and heaps of display homes for inspection and sale. It made me wonder where the residents will work and where their kids will go to school etc. At present there are no services in town and no industries within coo-ee. Will they commute the 45-odd kilometres to the city? Will there be pressure on the state to extend the rail right out here? If that happens then there will be no room for anyone to get on the south-bound trains by the time they reach Joondalup. Meantime what happens if the price of petrol doubles over-night .. will everyone start riding their push bikes all that distance? Hmm, food for thought. I'll keep an eye on the area.

31 January 2012 - Added a few more localities - you can now travel east past York out as far as Quairading and there are a few new beach-type towns between Mandurah and Bunbury, oh, and Cookernup now appears, which I overlooked visiting before now

17 January 2012 - Since using all my existing Perth Pub photos, I set out to find a few more to include here. Luckily I have an old 1987 Perth street directory which not only marks the pub on the map, it also names it. I found a few but was disappointed to see so many have disappeared. I don't mean just converted into something else, many of the buildings have simply gone. How about the Stockman (Midland), East Perth, Shaftsbury (Stirling Street), Beaufort (Beaufort Street), Hurlingham (South Perth), Knutsford etc etc. Pity. There is a new generation of tavern which are made of prop-ups and invariably clones of each other and frankly so ugly therefore hardly worth taking a photo of, although I have included a couple. Are people in 100 years going to marvel at our modern architecture? Still, I suppose there are financial constraints in building taverns in some areas.

08 January 2012 - I have distilled out many photos of similar vein and put them into Special Interests at the bottom of the Locality Finder page (e.g. train stations, pubs). Take the descriptions/comments with a grain of salt. I do my best but often do not have history etc at my fingertips and I can't know everything about everything. Also, as time passes, conditions might change but updating comments made at the time could tend to 'alter' history.

29 November 2011 - Added seven new localities in the country. I sometimes feel like a bit of a pioneer, opening up the country! Anyway, if you're in Collie you'll find you can go east from there now, or from Beverley to the south. I'll leave it to you to discover the towns added.

10 November 2011 - Information regarding the origin of locality names used on this website has been gleaned from Landgate of Western Australia's excellent website. To view it have a look on my Links page.

10 October 2011 - We did a bit of a loop out of Toodyay - headed north through 4 towns, then east, then south again, back to Toodyay, altogether adding in eight new localities in this wheatbelt area. A good trip. It's always a bit disappointing when you get to a town at a particular time of day only to find the light is not very good on some building or streetscape - but we can't hang around one place all day - you win some, you lose some :)

27 August 2011 - Been back to Pinjarra and took quite a few photos, plus added some around Wellington/Murray and Hay Streets in the City.

I've made this site a static 980 px wide so it looks more or less the same on whatever screen you're using (like Yahoo etc). I've also gotten rid of pre-loading all the photos on a page due to wasting network bandwidth, plus re-introduced static thumb-images as the auto-generated ones looks really grainy on some screens, at some resolutions, using some browsers ... how about that for being specific?

06 August 2011 - We went back over to Henley Brook and Caversham, around the Swan Valley. Plus messing around in Kewdale on a wet day, oh, and down to South Fremantle as well. I am contemplating adding some 'Special Interest' pages - basically drawing sets of common-theme photos out of the Localities and grouping them together on single pages. One done as a test is Country Pubs - the link is at the bottom of the Localities A-Z index page. Futures may be City Pubs, Train Stations, Churches, Halls, Shire Offices, Beaches, Post Offices, Schools, Sports Grounds etc. I'll see how I go.

06 August 2011 - Back in January I was complaining about cameras. Since most photography these days is digital and almost all viewing is via my computer monitor, it never struck me that my LCD monitor might be below par until I viewed this site on a MacBook in full screen mode. It seems this camera I have is not too bad after all and the old Fujifilm is still pretty good too! Just goes to show you! Apologies to Panasonic and Fuji are in order.

16 July 2011 - We've been up in the north-east area of Perth in the last few weeks, so added or added to are: Ellenbrook, Henley Brook, Herne Hill, Caversham, Brigadoon, Bullsbrook and Muchea. Also a winter picture of Noble Falls and a Guildford Hotel update.

06 June 2011 - Recently added: More pictures of Swan View (train tunnel etc) and Mundaring, Applecross, Mount Pleasant, Gosnells, and if you're up to the trip, the very latest is now you can travel east of Northam through a few wheatbelt country towns (and there is even a whole lot more pics of Northam itself)!

01 May 2011 - Anyone notice the new 'fly-out' style of presenting the photos? Added today are more pictures of: Hillarys Kelmscott, Mount Lawley, Ocean Reef, Perth Adelaide Terrace and Serpentine.

13 March 2011 - Now where have we been lately? Oh yes, back to Mindarie, Quinns and Wanneroo. The other week was Lesmurdie and a couple of weeks ago Gidgegannup, Toodyay, Bakers Hill, Wundowie and Wooroloo - nice trip! All the (better) photos have been published.

10 February 2011 - Added about 6 more locations in the south-west .... can you find them??

26 January 2011 - Over the last week and a bit, additions/updates to: Ascot, Dalkeith, Floreat, Jolimont, Mount Claremont, Osborne Park, Scarborough, Swanbourne, Wembley and West Leederville.

16 January 2011 - Did a quick trip up the coast to Lancelin the other day. So new localities added are Lancelin, Ledge Point, Seabird and Guilderton.

08 January 2011 - About cameras. All of these photos pre about 3-4 months ago were taken with a Fujifilm S3000 and, in those days, I wasn't really happy with the camera so I bought a Panasonic Lumix FZ100. The Lumix has turned out to be a very disappointing camera (for the money) apart from its wide-angle lens. Should I revert to the Fujifilm? I might try that.

08 January 2011 - Added a few pictures in Shenton Park, Subiaco, Perth West, Highgate, Inglewood, Mount Lawley and Bentley

29 December 2010 - Added 14 pictures of Whitemans Park.

07 December 2010 - Went on a south trip and added 8 new locations (taking the total to 129). Look for Coolup, Waroona, Hamel, Yarloop, Harvey, Wokalup, Brunswick and Dardanup. Oh, and I also added to and changed a few Bunbury photos.

21 November 2010 - Welcome to the new look Today is the first day of publication so there may be a few hiccups.

This site has undergone major changes with large composite alphabetic pages of photos being replaced by individual pages each specific to a particular locality with each containing fewer pictures.

All localities are linked at least once. It is therefore possible to start at any page and move through all 121 locations on this site without having to re-start. Now I wonder what the path would be to move through all locations in the least amount of moves