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About this Site

The Point of this Site: Simply to take a few photographs of Perth, suburbs and country towns for the enjoyment of anyone who would like to see them. Often places I can only visit once or twice so essentially those pages are a "Snapshot in time". So much can change, so quickly, and it does. Included against each photo is a description and perhaps a comment on how I saw each subject at the time. I have also tried to include some snippets of interesting history. My photos are simply "point and click" so the results do vary.

Photo Descriptors: My observations made at the time are just those - subjective comments. The "facts" I supply are facts to the best of my knowledge. Please do not rely on these. If necessary, confirm my descriptors through your own independent research. I make no ascertainment that what I say is accurate although I take pains to try

My initial sources of information are usually those on the spot, at the time:

- My own observations, foundation stones, building markers, signs, etc. Plus over 50 years of living in and wandering around the State

- Conversations with a huge range of local people encountered when I am out and about - you name it - priests, store keepers, gardeners, visitor centre staff, parking inspectors, people walking dogs, anyone who look like that may know something

- Some towns have erected historical information markers close to old buildings which are absolutely invaluable

Later research usually includes:

- State Heritage listings and Municipal Inventories are a good source of information and usually reliable

- Local historical society websites which have been compiled by locals who have a bent for their history and are therefore usually reliable

- Landgate for histories of town and suburb names although quite a number of small country localities are not listed here

- Trove website for some really good old newspaper articles. Occasionally I may have had to draw inferences

- Other websites such as Wiki pages and personal websites which may have a less overall reliability than above

- Emails from many people who wish to take me to task for an inaccuracy or to expand on something I've said. Too many to list but so many thanks to everyone. So many kind people helping develop this site into something useful

Errors and Omissions: As I've said, I do my best. Sometimes I make typographical errors or read a map upside down. If you see anything glaringly obvious then it would be great if you could drop me a line and correct me. If you would like to find out my source of any history, please ask. If you have something to add then it would be much appreciated

Copyright: The copyright question unfortunately must be addressed. All photographs on this website are the property of the webmaster. Copyright applies. This is to hopefully dissuade anyone from taking copies of images for commercial gain. If you would like copies for a valid reason then just email me and ask. I am very accommodating and can provide original, large and untouched files (i.e. without those pesky watermarks) if requested.

Schools: Teachers and students may use any photos and/or associated text for teaching aids, presentations, projects and for any other use in the normal course of receiving/providing education without requesting permission.

Education institutions (teachers and students) may thus freely download, reproduce and republish and use any items at will for use in the course of providing normal education. By that action though, copyright is not transferred nor extinguished and the commercial gain rule still applies.

Photos: All photos (the large images) are of 4 x 3 dimension, 1,200 x 900 pixels. This suits bigger screens. They display properly on 17" PC screens and bigger. On some laptops you may have to use the scroll bar to move up and down in a picture. This is exacerbated if the laptop browser has many toolbars at the top, restricting the website viewing panel even more. Irritating but there is not much I can do about that other than reduce the size of the images which I will not do. The images display particularly well on Apple iPADs although a slight bit of vertical scrolling might be necessary. I have not tested other tablets.

Site Development: This site was developed using Adobe Dreamweaver version 5

Browsers: I have tested this site with most common browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari and it seems to work OK. On some more obscure browsers the Java Script may not execute properly. A minimum screen resolution of 1680 x 1050 is recommended. This site has not been designed for use with smart phones or micro tablets

Representation: This site does not represent the views of any other organisation or person in any way, either expressly or implied. Whilst supportive of many bodies, comments on this site do not purport to be those of anybody else other than my own

Advertising: I have long resisted overtures to include advertising on this site, particularly advertising which is in no way related to the content or spirit of the site. That will not change per se.

However, if any businesses or organisations which are featured on this site (or even if I have your locality but not your photo) and would like to include a URL and/or some blurb, I may consider including a "sponsor" page (I use that term loosely), with some kind of link back to the original photo.

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