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Cunderdin is a medium sized town located almost exactly half way between Meckering and Tammin on the Great Eastern Highway. The town services surrounding farms and is a grain storage and transport depot. This is 156 kilometres east of Perth. Explorer C. C. Hunt passed through the area in 1864 and named a nearby hill 'Cunderdin Hill' which may have been derived from the Aboriginal word 'Cunder' or 'Quenda'. The townsite was gazetted in 1906


Cunderdin - Pumping Station Museum

Now a museum, this is the former Number 3 Steam Pumping Station for the goldfields water supply scheme, built in 1901-1902. The museum is one of town's main attractions and hosts various displays including transport of by-gone eras. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND001


Cunderdin - Pumping Station Museum

The tall chimney stack and orange brickwork of the old pumping station serve to dominate the streetscape on the southern side of town. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND002


Cunderdin - Water Tower

Vying with the museum chimney for the town's most dominant landmark is the old railways water tower. The tower was erected in 1906, three years after the the goldfields water pipeline was completed. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND003


Cunderdin - Water Tower

Looking up to the top of the tower. Water gravitated up there from a nearby catchment and reservoir. This tower served as an important water replenishment facility for steam locomotives travelling up and down the Perth - Kalgoorlie railway line. The tank holds 59 kilolitres. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND004


Cunderdin - Ettamogah Pub

Looking somewhat out of place in this wheatbelt town is this replica Ettamogah Pub. The Ettamogah Pub was actually devised by cartoonist Ken Maynard and featured (from 1959) in the Australasian Post magazine. There is another 'replica' pub looking much the same in Queensland and also one in Sydney. The original was simply of cartoonist Maynard's imagination. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND005


Cunderdin - Ettamogah Pub

A closer view of the Ettamogah Pub. An old hotel used to exist on this site but it was very badly damaged in the 1968 Meckering earthquake. The Swan brewery subsequently built a new hotel on the site but that was destroyed by fire in 2000. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND006


Cunderdin - Sign

This rather amusing sign is outside and across the road from the hotel. I don't think that shoe was part of the original design. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND007


Cunderdin - Roadhouse

Dougie's Roadhouse servicing local and passing traffic and is just about the only place in town this Sunday where you can get a bite to eat, except for the bakery in the shopping area on the other side of the railway line. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND008


Cunderdin - Shopping Area

Here is a section of the shopping area on Main Street. The railway line bisects the town so perhaps this area might miss out on a lot of passing trade. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND009


Cunderdin - Elders Store

Elders has long been synonymous with Australian country business. Here is the company's presence in Cunderdin. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND010


Cunderdin - Post Office

On Main Street is the local post office and newsagency. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND011


Cunderdin - Bakery

The Premier Bakery building was established way back in 1909. This has been formerly known as Pallot and Sons Bakery and Bakery Arts and Crafts. This is on Main Street. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND012


Cunderdin - Library

This is the Cunderdin library. So well maintained and certainly very eye-catching. This building was formerly the Cunderdin Hall and was erected in 1910. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND013


Cunderdin - Original Railway Site

This sign shows where the original rail facilities in Cunderdin used to be. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND014


Cunderdin - Shire of Cunderdin

These are the Shire of Cunderdin offices which are located next to the local library. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND015


Cunderdin - High School

Most schools are hard to photograph - they are usually well camouflaged behind bushes and trees. Cunderdin High School however decided to put on this nice sunny face today. It's located on the south side of town. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND016


Cunderdin - Replica Tiger Moth

This replica Tiger Moth (known as 'Chum's Tiger Moth'), was constructed by a group of local enthusiasts in recognition of the role the town played through its Elementary Flying School which provided flying tuition to up to 2,000 airmen in the World War II years. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND017


Cunderdin - St Georges Anglican Church

This is St Georges Anglican Church in Cunderdin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Archdeacon C. L. Riley on 13th October 1935. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND018


Cunderdin - Catholic Church

The Catholic Church of the Holy Cross Parish, Cunderdin. The Foundation Stone is inscribed in Latin. The Church was opened and dedicated by Reverendissimo P. J. Clune, D.D., C.S.S.R, in September 1922. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND019


Cunderdin - Great Eastern Highway

Here the Great Eastern Highway leaves Cunderdin heading west. Just up there is the Wyalkatchem turnoff. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND020


Cunderdin - Rabbit Proof Fence

Approximately 5 kilometres east of the Cunderdin townsite is this marker showing where the Number 2 Rabbit Proof Fence crossed the road. There doesn't appear to be anything left of the fence here now. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND021


Cunderdin - Confluence of Goldfields Pipelines

About 7 kilometres west of Cunderdin is this point where the two smaller pipelines coming up from Perth converge into one. I believe originally there was a single small pipe which was later duplicated. Now the dual pipe is being replaced by a single pipe of much larger diameter and therefore capacity. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND022


Cunderdin - Pipelines Heading West

The dual pipelines head off west into the sunset, literally in the late afternoon today. June 2011. Photos Ref: CUND023

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