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The town of Ballidu is within the Shire of Wongan - Ballidu, towards the northern boundary of the Shire. Once again, this town owes its existence to the construction of the railway which passes through the town. Ballidu was gazetted in 1914, the same year as northern neighbours Pithara and Dalwallinu. Pre-gazetting, Government wanted to call the town Duli but locals preferred Balli Balli, both local Indigenous names. Ballidu became the composite compromise


Ballidu - Welcome Sign

Welcome to Ballidu. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU001


Ballidu - Shelter

An interesting shelter on the west side of the railway, alongside the Northam - Pithara Road. Visible in the background is the railway sign and box. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU002


Ballidu - Trading Post

On Federation Street is the Ballidu Trading Post which includes the town's post office. This is the original Ballidu post office, built in 1928. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU003


Ballidu - Old Bank

On Federation Street is this structure was former business premises but is now a private residence. On the window on the left can be read "First Bank in Australia" in gold letters, plus evidence of an old Westpac business sticker remains. It seems that this was built in 1928 and was indeed erected as a Bank of New South Wales branch. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU004


Ballidu - Tavern

Splendid blue and white paintwork on the Ballidu Tavern which is on the corner of Federation and Alpha Streets. This used to known as the Ballidu Hotel and was erected in 1922. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU005


Ballidu - Tavern

A leafy garden and wooden decking feature at the rear of the Ballidu Tavern. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU006


Ballidu - Alpha Street

Alpha Street runs north-east off Federation Street and is the main shopping area of town. This view is looking south-west, down towards the railway line. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU007


Ballidu - Service Station

The former Ballidu Service Station with its name still intact over the verandah, as is "GMH". This is on Alpha Street and is probably a private house now. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU008


Ballidu - Dunns Aviation

On the corner of Alpha and Fairbanks Streets is the former Dunn's Aviation premises. This was constructed in 1936 and was formerly Jenk's Butcher Shop. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU009


Ballidu - General Store

On Alpha Street in the General Store pictured with a couple of its neighbours. The centre shop looked unoccupied. The right-most shop has a crate of Sunday Times newspapers for purchase. This row of shops are of 1955 vintage. Earlier, the shops were occupied by Stitt's tractors, cars and tyres. Stitt's apparently specialised in Ford Zephyr's. Good car the Zephyr. I had a 1960 MkII Zodiac decades ago. Wish I still had it. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU010


Ballidu - Old Shops

A couple of old shops on the main street. This may be a museum now. Inside the window are some historical items. On the door are town pictures lifted from the Shire Heritage Inventory. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU011


Ballidu - Art Gallery

On Fairbanks Street is this beautifully painted but totally unmarked building. A passer-by told me that this is the Art Gallery. Apparently this was once the town's Masonic Hall and was constructed in 1954. The Ballidu Lodge Art Gallery purchased the building in 1995. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU012


Ballidu - Old Shops

Again on Fairbanks Street, is this fine brace of old shops. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU013


Ballidu - Hall

The Ballidu Hall constructed in 1929 and sporting a colourful exterior similar to that of the Art Gallery. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU014


Ballidu - Primary School

This is the street side of the Ballidu Primary School. The school was established in 1922 and at its peak it had nearly 100 students. The school motto is "Learning for Life". By 2016 the pupil number has dropped to just four so this school is set to close at the end of 2016. A great pity. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU015


Ballidu - Anglican Church

The Anglican Holy Trinity Church, Ballidu. The foundation plaque reads "Erected to the Glory of God by the Anglican and Congregational Communities of Ballidu, October 26th, 1963". Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: BLDU016

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