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Goomalling is a medium-sized agricultural town situated at the eastern end of the Goomalling-Toodyay Road, and is approximately 133 kilometres north-east of Perth. Explorers were in the area as early as 1846. Hillman and Lefroy encountered a stream which they called Goomalling. This name is derived from the Aboriginal Nyoongar name, Goomal, which means possum. The townsite was established in 1903 a year after the railway to Northam opened


Goomalling - Welcome Sign

Welcome to Goomalling, junction to the central wheatbelt and possum country. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM001


Goomalling - Post Office

Goomalling boasts quite a classic looking post-office which is located on the main street, Railway Terrace. It was built in 1910. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM002


Goomalling - Road Board Building

The former Goomalling Road Board Building erected in 1907. Later this was used as a thrift shop and at another time as a National Bank branch including staff quarters. The premises are currently used by Renascence beauty therapists. The building is on the corner of Railway Terrace and Hobby Street. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM003


Goomalling - Union Bank

The former Union Bank building was constructed in 1925. It is located at 41 Railway Terrace. This was apparently one of the first commercial buildings to be built on the town's main street. At one time this was known as Peter's Pantry. It seems this building is now a private residence. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM004


Goomalling - Union Bank and Chemist

The row of chemist shop, Janae Kodel Hair Salon, Go Cafe and the old Union Bank building lining Railway Terrace. Since last here I notice that the old Union Bank building now has a brand new iron roof. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM005


Goomalling - Railway Terrace

A glimpse down Railway Terrace taking in the Road Board building, Whispers on the Terrace, the Community Centre, the Post Office and then the old Union Bank building. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM006


Goomalling - Whispers on the Terrace

Lovely presentation and great location. This is Whispers on the Terrace for gifts, homeware and Manchester. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM007


Goomalling - Community Centre

The Goomalling Community Centre on the main street provides library, education and training, and health services to the local residents. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM008


Goomalling - Shops

Knick Knacks and the Goomalling Grocer occupy adjacent shops on the main street. In 1947 this was Clancy's Motor Garage and then later a Holden dealership. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM009


Goomalling - Bendigo Bank

The Bendigo Bank next to Lareema Fashions, on the main street. The bank building looks quite old and indeed it used to be the National Bank. In 1949 (and probably other years) there was a speed car classic run around these streets which went right passed here. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM010


Goomalling - Tavern

The Goomalling Tavern sits on the corner of Railway Terrace and Hoddy Street. This was formerly known as the Goomalling Hotel and it was erected in 1904. The hotel has been modified and refurbished over the years. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM011


Goomalling - Tavern

This is looking along the tavern. There is a rather intriguing small building down at one end, you can see it. At present it is vacant. I wonder whether this pre-dates the tavern or it is some kind of add-on? July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM012


Goomalling - C.W.A. House

The very smart C.W.A. House on the main street. Most I come across are painted blue. This one seems to be an exception. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM013


Goomalling - Old Shop

This building is on the main street, a little west on the Tavern. It looks like it was a shop previously and it is probably a private house now. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM014


Goomalling - Farmshed

Where would any country town be without its own farm supplies and hardware store? This is on the main street. Photos Ref: GOOM015


Goomalling - Old Truck at Bywaters

Country towns often have old vehicles on show, stashed away and alas often falling to pieces in paddocks. How about this great looking International truck which is parked outside Bywaters and CSBP depots. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM016


Goomalling - Mystique Maison

The two-storey Mystique Maison on Forrest Street provides up-market accommodation for up to 28 people. This used to be the Wilkins Hostel incorporating the Wilkins dining room on the left. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM017


Goomalling - Regal and Rustic

An attractive pair of shops on Forrest Street across the street from Mystique Maison. Inside, the two shops have been made into one. This is now the premises of Regal and Rustic. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM018


Goomalling - Farmers Club

The graceful Goomalling Farmers Club building constructed in 1912. They don't build places like this anymore. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM019


Goomalling - Masonic Hall

On the corner of Quinlan and Lockyer Streets is the Masonic Hall. This is Goomalling Lodge No. 106, W.A.C. The Foundation Stone was laid by Deputy Grand Master Bro. A. C. McCallum on 22nd April 1930. This is now the Senior Citizens Hall. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM020


Goomalling - Senior Citizens Centre

The Goomalling Senior Citizens centre now occupies the former Masonic hall and buildings. You can see the face of the hall off to the left. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM021


Goomalling - Sacred Heart Primary School

This is the Goomalling Sacred Heart Primary School which was founded by the Presentation Sisters in 1912. "Witness the Truth". October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM022


Goomalling - Catholic Church

The Goomalling Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The building was blessed and opened on February 24th, 1963 by Right Rev. Gregory Gomez, Abbot Nullius of New Norcia. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM023


Goomalling - Church House

The house is adjacent to the Sacred Heart Church and is probably a Church office or the Manse. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM024


Goomalling - Child Care

This child care centre looks to be in quite a grand building, and so it is. This is the rear of the Memorial Hall building. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM025


Goomalling - Memorial Hall

This is the front of the Memorial Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Hon. W. J. George Esq., M.L.A., Minister for Works, on May 1st, 1922. The artistic effect, the old plough in the foreground, was suggested to be by the rather pleasant lady mowing the lawn in this park. This was formerly the Mechanic's Institute. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM026


Goomalling - Museum

Here is the local Museum and in it, pictured, is the original 1906 Konnongorring school. The school closed in Konnongorring in 1973 and the building was moved here about 5 years later. The school was a single teacher, single classroom school. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM027


Goomalling - Railway Station

The Goomalling railway station is being well preserved. Goomalling is on the narrow-gauge Perth-Mullewa line which is used almost exclusively these days for grain haulage. This station building was erected in 1905 with extensions and alterations being made in 1932 and 1960. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM028


Goomalling - Sea Lion Cafe

The Sea Lion restaurant/coffee shop is located in the old railway station. This is a view of the station from the 'road' side. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM029


Goomalling - Park Sculpture

In a small park along the main street is this sculpture of mechanical bits and pieces plus a wall of ceramic creations. October 2011. Photos Ref: GOOM030


Goomalling - Railway Signal Levers

Walking along the north side of Railway Terrace are all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. How about this set of railway signal levers? Up above are a couple of manual railway signals atop their wooden poles. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM031


Goomalling - Sculpture

A clever roadside sculpture next to Railway Terrace. You can see the railway station in the background. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM032


Goomalling - Wheat Storage

A series of huge domes dominate the skyline at the west end of town. There are four domes set across from more traditional wheat storage bins. These are empty now as all the grain has been shipped out. It is very dark in through that door and the smell of grain is quite overpowering. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM033


Goomalling - Edge of Town

A couple of minutes drive from the CBD takes you right to the outskirts of town. Here is a look from the very last street taking in rolling farm land and some farm buildings. Looks idyllic. Photos Ref: GOOM034


Goomalling - Farm Property

Around 15 kilometres from town heading towards Toodyay is this rather magical looking old building sitting in the middle of a thriving crop. It is or was perhaps farm workers quarters. July 2013. Photos Ref: GOOM035

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