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The town of Miling is located around 204 kms north-east of Perth and it straddles the Great Northern Highway.  Although settled as early as 1926, the townsite was not formally established until 1949 mainly due to the building of the then new Piawaning to Miling railway line. The name is thought to be of Aboriginal origin and is derived from the nearby spring, the Dookling Marling Sand Hole. The town continues the thrive thanks in part to passing road traffic


Miling - Main Street Road Train

Great Northern Highway runs right down the middle of Miling making it a really noisy place to be as road trains thunder through the town all hours of the day and night. Most are en route to mining towns in the north and many return unladen. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG001


Miling - Main Street

Looking south down Great Northern Highway you can see the hotel on one side and the old bank building on the other and a moment's respite from road trains. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG002


Miling - Newsagency

The Miling Newsagency and Post Office on the east side of the main road. This was built in 1927 by Mr G. Woods. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG003


Miling - Hall

This Miling Hall was erected in 1955. There used to be a weatherboard hall on this site which was built in 1929. It was demolished to make way for this newer brick building. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG004


Miling - General Store and Restaurant

On the other side of the road from the Hall and school is the General Store and Restaurant. They are also the only fuel merchants in town. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: MLNG005


Miling - Hotel

Another grand country pub although this one has been closed now for some years. There are moves afoot to get this place re-opened perhaps by the end of the year for at least accommodation. The building is strong and sturdy and a touch of paint would work wonders. (Dec 2013 update. Reported in the newspaper, 07 Dec 2013, is that the pub is now re-opened. Great news and congratulations to owner Gordon Burns, a fabulous achievement). Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG006


Miling - Hotel

An update on the Miling Hotel. This photo was taken about two and a half years after the above. I always thought some paint plus necessary licensing and devoted ownership (plus quite a bit of money) would make all the difference. And so it has. What great work by the owners. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: MLNG007


Miling - Old Bank

Across the road from the Miling Hotel is this former Bank of New South Wales building, built in 1939. Bank living quarters were located in the rear of the building. Mr Walstab was the first manager of these premises. This is now a private residence. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG008


Miling - Church of the Holy Rosary

Approaching town from the south you come across this old church which doesn't seem to be in use anymore. Sheep wander around the church gobbling up sparse winter grass. The Foundation Stone was laid by Right Rev Gregory Gomez, Abbott Nullius of New Norcia on 11th July 1954. Another stone was laid by Rev. James Knox on 21st February 1954. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG009


Miling - Christian Church

At the northern end of town is this Christian Church. There are no signs outside the church. This was built in 1960 through the cooperation of the Anglican and Methodist communities. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG010


Miling - East Miling Road

East Miling Road runs off next to the Christian Church, past a few houses and then off out into farming country. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG011


Miling - Panel and Paint

On the main road, the Miling Panel and Paint seems to have gone out of business as a lot do with the down-sizing of many of these small country towns. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG012


Miling - Price Autos

Price Auto Engineering is another local business which seems to have disappeared. This building was constructed in the 1950's. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG013


Miling - Old Shop

A former shop on the main street. The sign above reads "Peters Ice Cream, Pies, Burgers, Snacks & Grills" (although it's a bit hard to read). Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: MLNG014


Miling - Old Shop

Another old shop on the main road. This looks of rather 1950's construction vintage and appears to be long since closed and seems to be a private home now. Photo November 2014. Photos Ref: MLNG015


Miling - Primary School

At the south end of town is the Primary School. It is in spick and span condition and out-buildings to the rear have been painted in some really bright colour-schemes. Most of the children who attend here would come in from out-lying farms. These school buildings date back to 1964. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG016


Miling - Railway Station

Down here near the rail tracks is this old building which is what is left of the Miling railway station. The station closed in 1985 and after that half of the original building was relocated to Calingiri, leaving only this behind. This part of the station housed the 'Staff' room, the store and the toilet (Info. from former Miling Station Master, Kevin Rosier). Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG017


Miling - Weigh Bridge

The weigh bridge next to the wheat bins ensures correct recording of incoming grain quantities from producers. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG018


Miling - Railway and Wheat Bins

Looking south down the rail tracks which run between the wheat bins. Photo July 2012. Photos Ref: MLNG019

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