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Moorine Rock

Moorine Rock is a small town situated on the Great Eastern Highway approx. 350 kms east of Perth. When the railway line to Southern Cross opened in 1895, a station and siding were built here. The town would have also served as a coach stop for what would then have been arduous road travel. The town was first called Parkers Road after Mr Parker's 1888 gold find. This name proved to be too similar to another so the current name was adopted in 1926


Moorine Rock - Welcome Sign

Moorine Rock's claim to fame goes right back to 1929. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK001


Moorine Rock - General Store

The local General Store with another shop beyond sit on the edge of the Great Eastern Highway. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK002


Moorine Rock - Hotel

The Moorine Rock Hotel which was established in 1931 is located near the General Store. The hotel still functions as such. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK003


Moorine Rock - Hotel

This bright and modern building contains three motel-style accommodation units for the Moorine Rock Hotel. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK004


Moorine Rock - Hall

The local hall is in good repair and appears to be still in use. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK005


Moorine Rock - Old House

An old house which seems was once one of substance, sits on the north side of the highway, across the road from the store etc. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK006


Moorine Rock - School

It was a bit of a surprise to see this operational school in town. It has several rooms and looks bright and neat, as country schools so often do. This school has been here since 1937. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK007


Moorine Rock - Highway

A view looking west down the Great Eastern Highway. The General Store and the hotel are over on the other side. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK008


Moorine Rock - Petrol Pump

Last Fill says the sign on this long disused petrol pump. Next to the General Store is a collection of old car bodies and bits of farm machinery and this pump. It sort of serves as a small museum rather than a junk yard although that could be more by accident rather than design. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK009


Moorine Rock - Old Car

Almost intact is this vehicle, seemingly an early Bedford utility. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK010


Moorine Rock - Old Car

An old Holden quietly rusts away near the retired petrol pump. March 2015. Photos Ref: MRCK011

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