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The locality of Nornalup is on the South Coast Highway some 13 kms east of Walpole on the Frankland River. The area was settled in the early 1900's. The rail line extending west from Albany eventually terminated at Nornalup. The rail line was constructed to aid the timber industry and as an incentive for settlers to open up the area for agriculture. Nearby is the Valley of the Giants with its giant tingle trees, along with many other tourist attractions


Nornalup - Highway

The South Coast Highway sweeps through Nornalup. I had a look around but couldn't find any trace of the old railway siding here. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP001


Nornalup - Community Centre

The Community Centre just off the highway and close to the river. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP002


Nornalup - Riverside Chalets

Riverside Chalets offering accommodation. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP003


Nornalup - Garden

A pretty back garden down by the river. Many houses on this street has its own private jetty on the Frankland River. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP004


Nornalup - Frankland River Bridge

The South Coast Highway crosses the Frankland River at Nornalup. Rich farmlands abound in the district. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP005


Nornalup - Frankland River Bridge

At the Frankland River looking at the side of the South Coast Highway bridge. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP006


Nornalup - Frankland River

The Frankland River flows lazily on its way to the coast. The mouth is on the Nornalup Inlet, south of Walpole. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP007


Nornalup - Valley of the Giants

The Valley of the Giants is at Bow Bridge but the locality of Nornalup is close enough for this page. The park is made up of very old and large red tingle trees and is a famous tourist attraction. This species of tree is unique to this small area of the state. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP008


Nornalup - Discovery Centre

Here is the Valley of the Giants Discovery Centre and entrance to the Tree-Top Walk and Ancient Empire Boardwalk. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP009


Nornalup - Grandma Tingle

An old tingle tree on the Ancient Empire Walk. This tree is known as Grandma Tingle as it appears to display some old, female characteristics in its formation. The tree is thought to be around 400 years old and measures 12 metres in circumference. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP010


Nornalup - Tingle Tree Base

On the Ancient Empire Walk this tree is popular with photographers. The boy in the picture helps to show the true size of the tree base. It was a handy place to shelter from a rather heavy rain shower. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP011


Nornalup - Tree Top Walk

The Tree-Top Walk is about 600 metres in length and generally takes about 20 minutes to complete. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP012


Nornalup - Tree Top Walk

One of the walk-ways. They tend to sway a little when you walking along them, sometimes inducing a feeling of seasickness to those thus prone. The walk-ways must gain durability through their flexible suspensions. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP013


Nornalup - Tree Top Walk

As its greatest height, the tree-top walk is about 40 metres above the ground. Some of the surrounding trees still tower over you by up to another 30 metres. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP014


Nornalup - Tree Top Walk

The large trees can be seem quite clearly in this picture. So far today it's fairly quiet up here due to the early hour plus the rain. There is a limit on how many people are allowed on each walkway section simultaneously, and on each of the end platforms. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP015


Nornalup - Tree Top Walk

Looking down on trees from a walkway. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP016


Nornalup - Tree Top Walk

A family entrance pass to the park is about $37.00. You can go around the tree-top walk as many times as you wish, and the same applies to the Ancient Empire Walk. Despite the size of the trees, they have roots quite close to the surface which can be damaged if walked upon. October 2014. Photos Ref: NNUP017

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