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North Dandalup

A small settlement on the South Western Highway 15 kms north of Pinjarra and 70 kms south of Perth. The town straddles the highway and is adjacent to and named after the North Dandalup River. The town was originally established in 1894 after it was designated as a siding on the passing north-south railway. There is no townsite called simply Dandalup. However there is a South Dandalup River. It took up until 1972 for the town to be gazetted


North Dandalup - Old Roadhouse

The general all-purpose store and fuel stop on the highway. Today it's closed. It still looks quite functional although I haven't seen this open for seemingly years. March 2009. Photos Ref: NRDP001


North Dandalup - Old Roadhouse

Here is an update on the old garage, 8 years on. The petrol pumps have gone and now this is Keysbrook Produce for stockfeeds. The sign on the right side of the building has been retained. March 2017. Photos Ref: NRDP002


North Dandalup - Local Streets

Looking up one of the small roads that lead off the highway towards the residential area. March 2009. Photos Ref: NRDP003


North Dandalup - Railway Station

North Dandalup railway station has been transformed (like Serpentine, Mundijong etc) into something rather less ornate than its predecessor. I wonder why the station sign faces outwards? I know I am in North Dandalup but those on a passing train perhaps wouldn't know where they were as they just see the blank rear side of the sign. March 2009. Photos Ref: NRDP004


North Dandalup - Railway Station

What a transformation. Here is the brand new North Dandalup station complete with a roof and seats. Oddly enough, there are no rail passenger services running through here now as the single Australind rail set has mostly been broken for the last couple of years. March 2021. Photos Ref: NRDP005


North Dandalup - Railway Station

Looked up the track running north from the brand new station. March 2021. Photos Ref: NRDP006


North Dandalup - Railway Station

Just outside the railway station this shelter has been erected. March 2017. Photos Ref: NRDP007


North Dandalup - Railway Station

A well-beaten track leading through an official-looking gap in the fence. Of course no-one would dare to disobey the sign. June 2017. Photos Ref: NRDP008


North Dandalup - Railway Station

Now that the new railways station has been built and no access at track level, our little gateway has been blocked off. March 2021. Photos Ref: NRDP009


North Dandalup - Memorial Hall

The North Dandalup Memorial Hall on the South Western Highway. The hall opened in 1957. July 2010. Photos Ref: NRDP010


North Dandalup - Memorial Hall

Another view, probably a better angle, and over ten years on. The hall hasn't changed. March 2021. Photos Ref: NRDP011


North Dandalup - Church

The North Dandalup Community Church is right beside the fire station (you can see a sliver in the background), and adjacent to the Memorial Hall. March 2017. Photos Ref: NRDP012


North Dandalup - Fire Station

The fire station is located just behind the Memorial Hall, off the South Western Highway. July 2010. Photos Ref: NRDP013


North Dandalup - Water Tank

My, oh my. How to transform a drab water tank into an absolute eye-catcher. This is located next to the hall and highway. This is one view of the artwork created by Brenton See in February 2021. March 2021. Photos Ref: NRDP014


North Dandalup - Water Tank

Another part of the tank's artwork. Thanks Brenton. March 2021. Photos Ref: NRDP015


North Dandalup - Water Tower

When you drive south from Perth en route to Pinjarra or beyond, this tower is the first indication that you're approaching North Dandalup. Although it looks renovated, I think a wooden tower used to stand on this site or perhaps it a little further north. July 2010. Photos Ref: NRDP016


North Dandalup - Stud Country Tavern

North Dandalup is cattle stud country and this is the Stud Country Tavern set back a little bit off the road, on the western side of the South Western Highway. October 2011. Photos Ref: NRDP017


North Dandalup - On The Way

On The Way. The garage, restaurant, post office complex on the eastern side of the highway. March 2017. Photos Ref: NRDP018


North Dandalup - Primary School

The primary school. Construction commenced in 1952. A previous school existed on this site but had to be demolished as it fell into considerable disrepair. The school is north of the town and sits on the highway. March 2017. Photos Ref: NRDP019


North Dandalup - Primary School

A view across a pleasantly grassed area to the library building which appears to have been fairly recently added. March 2017. Photos Ref: NRDP020


North Dandalup - Primary School

I don't know who maintains the school grounds but they are immaculate. It is a pleasure to walk around this place. Loads of greenery and many large trees and shrubs which help keep the place cool and also divide up the campus. It would be very nice sitting on that grass with your lunch box (and friends of course). March 2017. Photos Ref: NRDP021


North Dandalup - Dam

Up the hills behind North Dandalup is the North Dandalup Dam. It's actually made up of a number of sections. This is a view near the second dam wall, driving south. October 2011. Photos Ref: NRDP022


North Dandalup - Dam Wall

Underneath the second dam wall is a park, water and a small beach (not suitable for swimming), and the pipeline. That dam wall is huge. You can see the road coming down to this area about a third of the way up the wall, plus there is a road across the top. October 2011. Photos Ref: NRDP023


North Dandalup - Water Pipeline

The pipeline running across paddocks east of the dam. Nice and green for early October. October 2011. Photos Ref: NRDP024


North Dandalup - Thunder Clouds over Paddocks

Leaden thunder clouds roll in from the Mandurah area threatening this paddock and dead tree. Shortly after this picture, the heavens opened and included some hail. October 2011. Photos Ref: NRDP025


North Dandalup - Lake in Paddock

Exceptional spring rains has seen wetlands re-emerge all over the place. This lake is beside Lakes Road, a few kilometres west of town. October 2013. Photos Ref: NRDP026

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