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Northcliffe is located at the southern end of the Pemberton - Northcliffe road, which once was the South Western Highway, and is 366 kms south of Perth. The locality is at the centre of the Warren Blackwood region which is a heavily forested area. The townsite was surveyed in 1923 and gazetted in 1924 and was named after Viscount Northcliffe, one time owner of the London Times. Here was the terminus of the southern rail line out of Bunbury


Northcliffe - Welcome Sign

Our arrival in Northcliffe. Here is the sign. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF001


Northcliffe - Railway Crossing

Just out of town, slightly north on Wheatley Coast Road is this disused railway crossing. This used to be the main railway line coming in from Bunbury. The line terminated here at Northcliffe. Its now been closed for years as plainly evident in this picture. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF002


Northcliffe - Museum

Down by the railway is the Northcliffe Museum. This section is housed in a former cottage. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF003


Northcliffe - Museum

Adjacent to the cottage section of the museum are these two other buildings. On the left is a former school classroom dating back to 1925, and on the right the former post office. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF004


Northcliffe - Museum

All three buildings of the museum pictured together from across the street. This is also serves as the Visitor Centre. The museum project commenced in 1974. It was opened in 1977. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF005


Northcliffe - Main Street

Looking south along Wheatley Coast Road down towards the museum and visitor centre. To the left is the rail yard. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF006


Northcliffe - Hollowbutt Cafe

Welcome to the Hollowbutt Cafe where you can buy meals, cakes, take-aways and coffee. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF007


Northcliffe - Post Office

The Post Office doubles up as the town service station - or is that the other way around? October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF008


Northcliffe - War Memorial

The district war memorial. You don't have to spend a fortune to get the message across. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF009


Northcliffe - Hotel

A typically grand and large country hotel. Here is the Northcliffe Hotel. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF010


Northcliffe - Northcliffe Traders

The old Northcliffe Trading Co., on the main street. On the roof is painted "Save Our Old Growth Forests". This building dates back to 1924 and was the town's General Store until about 1985. In the 1990's the premises were the Environment Centre (save the forests) and suffered two fire-bombing attacks. Later this was an Arts and Crafts shop but now appears to be unoccupied. Some history. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF011


Northcliffe - Town Hall

The Northcliffe Town Hall, established in 1929. Northcliffe is within the Shire of Manjimup. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF012


Northcliffe - Bibbulmun Track

A Bibbulmun Track shelter in town. This must be a welcome stop for anyone undertaking the 985 kilometre hike between Kalamunda and Albany. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF013


Northcliffe - Railway Station Remains

There doesn't appear to be anything left of the Northcliffe railway station apart from this wooden frame. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF014


Northcliffe - Rail Yard

Once a busy place for rail vans and locomotives, this place will never enjoy any rail traffic ever again. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF015


Northcliffe - Anglican Church

Christ Church Northcliffe, in the Anglican Diocese of Bunbury. Some records suggest this was built in the 1950's but I'd venture to suggest that is pre-dates that period by some 20-30 years and may have been relocated here from elsewhere. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF016


Northcliffe - Uniting Church

The Northcliffe Uniting Church. A plaque of the building commemorates the founding of the building by Rev. J. Vaughan on 20th September, 1959. The building may have been moved here from elsewhere as it looks about 30 years older. The construction style and design is consistent with others built in the 1920's. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF017


Northcliffe - Tiny Cottage

This tiny cottage was spotted at the edge of a property on the outskirts of town. October 2014. Photos Ref: NCLF018

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