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Perth City - The Esplanade

The Esplanade is a short city centre street running between Barrack St and William St. West of William St the road becomes Mounts Bay Road. Several historic streets such as Howard St and Sherwood Court run off north to St Georges Terrace. The Esplanade contains old and new business buildings. Adjacent to this road is a green area which runs down to the Swan River. This green area is currently being re-developed as part of the Elizabeth Quay project


Perth - Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Western Australia sits majestically in Stirling Gardens amongst well-manicured gardens and many a variety of tree. The park around here is a popular place with lunch-time office workers. This site was the state's first botanic garden. The land was allocated for the gardens in 1829 and finally opened in 1845. July 2010. Photos Ref: PESP001


Perth - Supreme Court

This is the rear view (the river side) of the Supreme Court building. The Supreme Court moved into this building in 1879. Apparently this building was previously the Commissariat Store. August 2010. Photos Ref: PESP002


Perth - Supreme Court

Adjacent to the Supreme Court is the old court-house, in fact the oldest surviving building in the City of Perth. It was built in 1836-1837. According to the plaque on the wall outside, the building has, over the years, served as a church, school, immigration dept., supreme court, house and court and State Arbitration Court. In 1965 it became HQ for the Law Society of WA. Very interestingly, when this was built, it stood very close to the original Swan River foreshore. August 2010. Photos Ref: PESP003


Perth - Weld Club

The Weld Club is dwarfed by surrounding buildings. The club is situated on the corner of The Esplanade and Barrack Street. You can see a blurry reflection of Council House in the glass of that office tower. This building was constructed in 1892 and has been the home of the club named after the then Governor of W.A., Sir Frederick Weld, continually thereafter. The club was formed in 1871. July 2010. Photos Ref: PESP004


Perth - Weld Club

Another view of the Weld Club this time looking across Barrack Street from slightly north-east of the building. October 2015. Photos Ref: PESP005


Perth - Florence Hummerston Kiosk

On the corner of the Esplanade and Barrack Street. This building these days is a Chinese restaurant. It was known as the Florence Hummerston Kiosk in the 1980-90's. It was built in 1927. Throughout the 1940's, 50' and 60's is was known simply as The Esplanade Tea Rooms. March 2008. Photos Ref: PESP006 (Since relocated to Elizabeth Quay)


Perth - Phoenix Chambers on Howard Street

The Phoenix Chambers Building at 20 Howard Street. This was built in 1905 and was formerly known as the Traders Building. July 2010. Photos Ref: PESP007


Perth - Chancery House

Chancery House is a fine looking building at the corner of The Esplanade and Howard Street. It looks like the original building only contained four floors. You can see in the picture that at some later date it seems extra floors have been added. Construction of the original building was completed in 1900. July 2010. Photos Ref: PESP008


Perth - Lawson Apartments

This is the end of Sherwood Court on the Esplanade. This building contains the Lawson Apartments and also the Karrakatta Club. This was earlier called Lawson Flats and was erected in 1930. July 2010. Photos Ref: PESP009


Perth - Sherwood Court

Looking up Sherwood Court from The Esplanade to St Georges Terrace. You can see London Court up on the Terrace. July 2010. Photos Ref: PESP010


Perth - Mounts Bay Road and William Street

Down towards the river looking back at the Convention Centre, Ernst & Young Building and the new Esplanade railway station. October 2007. Photos Ref: PESP011


Perth - ANZAC Parade 2008

Part of the Anzac march down William Street on 25th April 2008. Photos Ref: PESP012


Perth - ANZAC Parade 2008

Again, more of the Anzac march down William Street on 25th April 2008. Photos Ref: PESP013


Perth - Westralia Square

This hole in the ground has been here for about 30 years. Development has been slow. The rear of the old Perth Technical School is visible, the red brick building. In the foreground is Mounts Bay Road. To the right is a sliver of 15-17 William Street. May 2008. Photos Ref: PESP014 (Since redeveloped)


Perth - Bus Port

Next to the Perth Convention Centre is the Esplanade Bus Port. This was opened on November 30th, 1991. January 2009. Photos Ref: PESP015


Perth - Bus Port

One of the entrances to the Perth Bus Port. September 2009. Photos Ref: PESP016


Perth - City from Convention Centre

Looking through the windows in the Convention Centre towards the bus port and city buildings October 2007. Photos Ref: PESP017


Perth - Esplanade Station

This is the Esplanade Railway Station just one week after opening. Oct 20th 2007. Photos Ref: PESP018


Perth - Esplanade Station

The new Esplanade Railway Station. This opened just 6 days ago so it's nice and clean and still sparkling. Oct 20th 2007. Photos Ref: PESP019


Perth - Esplanade Station

Esplanade Station looking south - here is a train coming up to the platform to travel to Clarkson. Oct 20th 2007. Photos Ref: PESP020


Perth - Medina Hotel

The Medina Hotel is adjacent to the Convention Centre and the Bus Port. September 2009. Photos Ref: PESP021


Perth - Pyramid and Colonnade

This pyramid and colonnade form part of the Esplanade and adjacent gardens. September 2009. Photos Ref: PESP022 (Since removed for Elizabeth Quay project)

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