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Perth City - West End

Perth City West End, is not an official locality. It is merely an area of Perth I have separated to spread the photos of the city reasonably evenly across a number of pages. The West End is more or less the area west of The Esplanade and east of West Perth. This locality covers Mounts Bay Road particularly around the old Swan Brewery, Malcolm and Cliff Streets areas. Mounts Bay Road features the John Oldham Park, the Mount Hospital and many fine apartments


Perth - Mount Street

This is a view up leafy Mount Street after crossing the Freeway foot bridge from the City centre area. The Freeway cuts Mount Street into a city part and a Kings Park section. This is a view of the latter. At the top of this street is Cliff Street and Kings Park. November 2010. Photos Ref: PWES001


Perth - Mountway on Mount Street

Mountway at 36 Mount Street is this block of holiday units just over the Freeway bridge from the city. The building is rather dated, perhaps going back to the 1960's, but offers clean, handy and budget accommodation for Perth tourists. In the foreground is a sliver of the Mitchell Freeway. December 2015. Photos Ref: PWES002


Perth - Halo on Mount Street

Across the street from Mountway is the brand new Halo-on-Mount apartment block. This was opened in 2015 and there are still brand new units which can be purchased. To the left of picture, the Mitchell Freeway runs south towards the Narrows Bridge. December 2015. Photos Ref: PWES003


Perth - 31 Malcolm Street

At 31 Malcolm Street, very close to the Freeway overpass, is a former residence of Edith Cowan, Australia's first woman parliamentarian from 1921. Cowan lived here between 1883 and 1896, and then again between 1912 and 1919. The building was constructed in 1883. The Cowan's then lived at 71 Malcolm Street from 1919 for about 20 years. Their cottage is now down by the lake at ECU Joondalup. August 2016. Photos Ref: PWES004


Perth - Capital Square on Mount Street

In the foreground is the bridge which spans the Mitchell Freeway connecting the two parts of Mount Street which were bisected when this part of the Freeway was build in the late 1960's. The building under construction is on the city side and will be Capital Square. December 2015. Photos Ref: PWES005


Perth - Mount Eliza Apartments on Cliff Street

Mount Eliza apartments have been around since the 1960's. Its spaceship design has long stood out on the Kings Park horizon. This is on Cliff Street. Next to the apartments is the top end of Jacob's Ladder, a rather arduous but popular climb up from Mounts Bay Road. January 2011. Photos Ref: PWES006


Perth - Apartments on Cliff Street

These apartments on Cliff Street face onto Kings Park which is right across the road. The apartments facing to the right would have extensive city and river views. January 2011. Photos Ref: PWES007


Perth - Malcolm Street

A view from down near the river looking up towards Mount Street. Dumas House looks like it is cosily nestling amongst fashionable apartment buildings but it is really set much further back in West Perth. March 2008. Photos Ref: PWES008


Perth - Barracks Archway from Parliament House

A view from Parliament House in West Perth looking east, taking in the Mitchell Freeway, the Barracks Archway, and beyond to Perth City. March 2008. Photos Ref: PWES009


Perth - Barracks Archway from Parliament House

The Barracks Archway viewed from Parliament House. The Barracks was built in 1863 for pensioners (old soldiers) who occupied it until 1904. The building contained 120 rooms. Despite public outcry, the building was demolished in 1966 to make way for the Mitchell Freeway. Only this archway remains today. March 2008. Photos Ref: PWES010


Perth - Mitchell Freeway from Parliament House

A view looking south, down the Mitchell Freeway, from Parliament House. March 2008. Photos Ref: PWES011


Perth - Old Swan Brewery

The former Swan Brewery. A view from Mounts Bay Road of the western face. Older sections of these buildings were erected in 1838 as a mill for timber cutting and flour grinding. They were later used as a tannery. The Swan Brewery acquired the site in 1877 and significantly re-built and re-modelled it making it look much as it does today. Brewing operations moved to Canning Vale in 1978. April 2008. Photos Ref: PWES012


Perth - Old Swan Brewery

The Old Swan Brewery. A view of a bit of the 'river side' of the old brewery. In around 1990 there were plans to redevelop this site. Successful public outcry thwarted this. Instead, the buildings were renovated and are now used as a function centre together with a cafe, a restaurant and a micro-brewery. Many historical photographs and artifacts adorn the interior. April 2008. Photos Ref: PWES013


Perth - Old Swan Brewery

Another view of the Old Swan Brewery from down by the river. April 2008. Photos Ref: PWES014


Perth - Old Swan Brewery

The Old Swan Brewery. The overpass across Mounts Bay Road which connects the Old Brewery to hotel suites on the Kings Park side of the road. April 2008. Photos Ref: PWES015


Perth - John Oldham Park

The John Oldham Park is a man-made water and green feature located to the south of Mounts Bay Road, between that and the Freeway, north of the Narrows interchange. This is a view looking back across one of the lakes towards Mounts Bay Road with Malcolm Street apartment blocks in the distance. July 2013. Photos Ref: PWES016


Perth - Mount Hospital

A look across a John Oldham Park lake, across Mounts Bay Road, to the Mount Hospital. July 2013. Photos Ref: PWES017


Perth - Mount Hospital

Another view from the John Oldham Park taking in the Mount Hospital and also apartments atop Cliff and Malcolm Streets which are adjacent to Kings Park. July 2013. Photos Ref: PWES018


Perth - John Oldham Park

In the John Oldham Park here is a bridge crossing a stream. You could be miles from the city centre in here. Ducks and black water birds lead a safe existence in here. Even the traffic noise on the Freeway seems to be hushed. July 2013. Photos Ref: PWES019


Perth - John Oldham Park

Another bridge in the John Oldham Park. Parking is off Mounts Bay Road but only accessible when travelling south from the city. Car parkers have to pay a fee even on a Sunday. I saw a number of people drive in then simply drive away again. July 2013. Photos Ref: PWES020


Perth - John Oldham Park

Again in the John Oldham Park is this system of waterfalls. July 2013. Photos Ref: PWES021


Perth - Narrows Bridge View

A look at the Narrows Bridge and the bright flowers in the centre of the road roundabout on Mounts Bay Road. July 2013. Photos Ref: PWES022


Perth - City View

Here is a view looking back on a few high-rises in Perth City from the John Oldham Park. July 2013. Photos Ref: PWES023

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