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Quinns Rocks

Quinns Rocks, until recently, was on the northern periphery of the Perth metropolitan area but times change quickly with the establishment of new suburbs north of here. This is a beach-side suburb and has been populated as far back as 1962. In those days the area was pretty inaccessible and here people erected beach shacks. An off-shore reef was named after Mr Robert Quin, an early Government Surveyor. Until 1962 the district was known as Wanneroo Beach


Quinns Rocks - Beach

Beautiful white beaches that seem to go on forever. This is looking south from Quinns. October 2007. Photos Ref: QNNS001


Quinns Rocks - Beach

More lovely white beaches looking north from Quinns and onto the dog and horse beach areas. You may be able to see a couple of dogs in the picture. October 2007. Photos Ref: QNNS002


Quinns Rocks - Beach

Further south along Quinns beach, and looking south, is this section of rocky coastline. You can see Mindarie beyond. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS003


Quinns Rocks - Caravan Park

Next to the Surf Club and adjacent to the walk track is the Quinns caravan park. A popular place for a holiday or a weekend - it would only be less that 2 minutes walk and you're wading in the sea. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS004


Quinns Rocks - Beach Cafe

The brightly coloured Quinns Beach Cafe is on the beach front. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS005


Quinns Rocks - Liquor Store

Behind the Quinns Beach Cafe is the Quinns Liquor and General Store. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS006


Quinns Rocks - Portofinos

Next to the Surf Club and on the beach-front is the Portofinos restaurant. A large dining area at the rear of the building affords fabulous ocean views and it is protected from sun, sand and wind by windows. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS007


Quinns Rocks - Surf Club

Naturally a surf club would be right next to be beach, and so it is. All looks quiet right now because all the members are watching over swimmers on the beach. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS008


Quinns Rocks - Surf Rescue

This is what the surf club members are doing today. Many members on the beach as it looks some training is in progress. They also had their surf dinghy and other life-saving equipment on the beach. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS009


Quinns Rocks - Old House

It wasn't so long ago that Quinns was a pretty isolated piece of beach before the metropolitan area rapidly expanded north. Just a few decades ago many seaside shacks lined the coast. Very functional but perhaps not so elegant. There are still a few left in-between newer, more sumptuous dwellings along the coast. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS010


Quinns Rocks - New House

And speaking of more sumptuous dwellings, how about this eye-catcher? Set a street back from the beach, elevated by stout wooden poles and constructed of what looks like re-cycled timber, this house would be the pride and joy of its owner. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS011


Quinns Rocks - Statue

A statue or a sculpture or both? Over looking the beach and ocean, I wonder what this angelic entanglement of metal represents, not that it really needs to represent anything. Such is art. March 2011. Photos Ref: QNNS012

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