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Westonia is a rather curious town situated on neither rail nor main road. It is 9 kms north of Carrabin which is on the Great Eastern Highway, east of Merredin. Mr Alfred Weston discovered gold in the district in 1910. By 1914 the locality had a population exceeding 500 but the townsite was not gazetted until 1926. Prior to becoming Westonia, the town was known as Weston's Reward or simply Weston's. The Edna May open-cut gold mine still operates here


Westonia - Welcome Sign

The rather ornate town welcome sign including a row of models of old town businesses. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA001


Westonia - Shop Models

A couple more models of shops which used to exist in town. These are in town on the main street. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA002


Westonia - Tavern

The Westonia Tavern formerly known as the Edna May Hotel. The hotel opened in February 1915. Edna May was the sister of Alfred Weston, a pioneer sandalwood worker who later made the first gold discovery in the district. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA003


Westonia - Club Hotel

The former Club Hotel on Wolfram Street. This opened in October 1913. The pictured building is perhaps a replica or at least considerably re-modelled, or perhaps I am being fooled by all that smart new roofing. Either way, it looks really good. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA004


Westonia - Club Hotel

Inside the Club Hotel. This is now a museum featuring many displays of the town's pioneering days. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA005


Westonia - Anglican Church

St Lukes Anglican Church, Westonia. This church was built in 1916 and was originally located at Naretha, a camp on the Trans-Australian Railway. In March 1918, when the railway work was done, the church was dismantled and sent by rail to Kalgoorlie. The church was re-assembled in Westonia in October 1918. It was blessed by Rev. A. R. Edington on October 22nd, 1918. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA006


Westonia - Minehead

This minehead is a strong feature on the main street of Westonia. The town was founded on gold. Indeed, just to the north of the townsite is the large open-cut Edna May gold mine which would provide income, employment and longevity for the town. The gold mine is operated by Evolution Mining. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA007


Westonia - Minehead

Another view of the minehead. To the casual visitor to town, you would never know of the existence of the Edna May mine. It is large but seemingly unobtrusive. Wealth originating from the mine was probably used to fund (directly or indirectly) the significant facelift the town enjoyed fairly recently. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA008


Westonia - Hardware Store

This old building was once the Westonia Hardware store (phone 467 050). March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA009


Westonia - Post Office

The Westonia Post Office on Wolfram Street. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA010


Westonia Wolfram Street

A look south down the main street. The post office is on the right. The hardware store can be seen on the left. The town is as neat as a pin and visiting here is like stepping through some kind of time warp. A huge amount of work has been done on building preservation and the creation of period facades in front of a number of former shops etc on the main street. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA011


Westonia - Shire and Library

Westonia Cafe & Motor Service, and the Western Australian Bank facades. The Shire of Westonia and its library currently occupy these premises. The building was opened by Hon. Wilson Tuckey, Minister for Regional Services, on September 21, 2002. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA012


Westonia - Miners Hall

The Miner's Hall is the oldest surviving building in town. It was constructed in 1914. In 1918 the newly established Road Board took over the building and extended it. The Road Board continued to use the premises up until the 1960's after which the Shire of Westonia moved into its own new building. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA013


Westonia - Meals and Beds

Mrs C. H. James, Meals and Beds (five shillings), towards the northern end of town. This is obviously a replica facade. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA014


Westonia - Tailors and Drapery

H. Fisher & Co., Tailors, and Len Urwin's Red Flag Drapery Store replica facades. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA015


Westonia - Catholic Church

Saint Lucia Catholic Church, Westonia. The Foundation Stone proclaims the church blessed and opened by the Most Reverent Myles McKeon, Auxiliary Bishop of Perth, on November 24th, 1968. March 2015. Photos Ref: WSNA016

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