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The City of Albany is 410 kms south of Perth, situated on the Southern Ocean coast. This is the oldest settled town in the State, pre-dating both Perth and Fremantle. Albany was established in 1826 primarily to ward off French interests in the area. Initially part of NSW and named Frederick Town, the settlement was transferred to the Swan River Colony in 1831. Until the Fremantle inner harbour was opened in 1897, Albany was the state's premier port

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Albany - Old Infants School

This was constructed in 1915 as the Albany Infants School. The High School, which was located on Serpentine Road, moved here and amalgamated with the Infants School in 1975. The whole school moved to new premises on Middleton Beach Road in 2002. Many old school rooms here have either been demolished or removed. Today the Dome Coffee Lounge occupies the premises. The building is on Albany Highway near the Albany Plaza. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY001


Albany - Town Hall

The majestic Town Hall on York Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Mayoress of Albany on 9th December 1886. The stone doesn't actually name the Mayoress. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY002


Albany - Town Hall

A look down Grey Street heading east. The rear of the Town Hall is visible on the left. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY003


Albany - York Street

This is a view along York Street looking south towards the harbour area. The Premier Hotel is there on the left. What I like about central Albany is the lack of pesky traffic lights (there are some but roundabouts are used mostly), and the untimed parking. Traffic was flowing smoothly and parking was easy to find during a Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. A big plus for Albany. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY004


Albany - Anglican Church

St John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Albany, in the Diocese of Bunbury. Construction began in 1841 with many variations and additions being made over the decades. This is the oldest church to be consecrated in Western Australia. This view is from Peel Place. The church fronts onto York Street. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY005


Albany - Anglican Church Rectory

To the rear of St John's Church is the Rectory. This was constructed in 1850 with the upper storey being added in 1875. Both the church and the rectory were built of local granite. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY006


Albany - Albany House

Albany House on the corner of York Street and Stirling Terrace. Currently for lease, this was constructed in 1878 as the Union Bank. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY007


Albany - Newspaper House

Newspaper House, the home of the Albany Advertiser established in 1888. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY008


Albany - Courthouse

The Courthouse on Stirling Terrace. This was built between 1896 and 1898. The archways over the doors are of local granite. The Foundation Stone was laid by F. H. Piesse, Director of Public Works and Commissioner for Railways on 29th December, 1896. The building is adorned with a large British Coat-of-Arms. Up until about 1970, the police station was also within the complex. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY009


Albany - Stocks

Opposite the courthouse are these rather forbidding stocks. Was public humiliation an effective crime deterrent in those days? October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY010


Albany - Morande Designs

This building on York Street is occupied by Morande Designs for Classical Lifestyle Clothing. It is on the corner of Peel Place. The building was constructed in 1890 for D. Thomas's Spot Cash Draper's Shop. Recent (but older) residents might recall these premises as Beal's. For a while after 1994 GWN TV was here. Morande Designs has been in situ since 1997. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY011


Albany - Mean Fiddler

At 132 York Street this fine old building is home to Mean Fiddler restaurant and bar. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY012


Albany - Wombat Lodge

Wombat Lodge for all things Australiana. This is at 180 York Street and the business was established here in 1974. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY013


Albany - Uniting Church

On York Street is the Uniting Church in Australia, Scots Congregation Church. The Scots Church was established in 1889. The Foundation Stone was laid by P. H. Nicholson Esq. on 25th November, 1891. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY014


Albany - Women's Rest Shelter

This building was constructed in 1908 as a shelter for horsedrawn cab passengers and crews and later expanded to include a women's rest centre and public conveniences. It is down at the southern end of York Street. Even today, cabs use this as a depot although no horses in sight, just Amity Taxis and Charter vehicles. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY015


Albany - Butterscotch

Almost across the road on York Street from Albany House is the Mark Blyth Fine Jewellery store and Butterscotch. The building dates back to 1912. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY016


Albany - Sculpture

This sculpture sits on the west side of York Street. The items depict the town's heritage - the sea, the jetty, ship's cranes and district agriculture. It was designed by Jeffery Somerset-Healy who also oversaw the assemblage. Original old jetty timbers and farming/wharf implements have been used in the creation. This was opened in 1989. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY017


Albany - London Hotel

The London Hotel, established in 1909, sits close to the courthouse on Stirling Terrace. First built on this site in the 1850's was a wooden inn named the Chusan Hotel. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY018


Albany - Old High School

The complex was constructed in 1895 as the Albany Public (High) School. This is on Serpentine Road. The Public School continued to operate here until 1975 when it moved to Albany Highway and merged with the Infants School. After the school move, these premises have been occupied by the Albany Local Education Office. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY019


Albany - Serpentine Road View

A look east down Serpentine Road going towards York Street. On the right is the Local Education Office. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY020


Albany - Albany Hotel

The Albany Hotel and Brasserie on York Street. This was built circa 1890 and was formerly known as the Freemason's Hotel. (State Heritage Place Number 15571). October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY021


Albany - Empire Buildings

The grand Empire Buildings on the corner of York Street and Stirling Terrace. This was built in 1912. The part on the left, facing York Street, is Mark Blyth Fine Jewellery store and Butterscotch. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY022


Albany - Port

A view across to the Princess Royal Harbour from Princess Royal Drive. No ships in there today. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY023


Albany - Railway Station

Good to see the railway station preserved. This is still the local terminus for Trans W.A. although it's all buses these days. The station was opened in 1899 as the southern terminus of the Great Southern Railway. The last passenger train to arrive here was in December 1978. Since 1994, this building has also been used as the Albany Tourist Bureau. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY024


Albany - Railway Station and Train

CBH 014 sits at Albany station complete with a long train of grain wagons. This looks like it hasn't moved for quite some time. Perhaps it's being stored here until needed after the next harvest? October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY025


Albany - Bibbulmun Track Terminus

The Bibbulmun Track southern terminus at the railway station. The northern terminus is at Kalamunda. The hiking track wends its way through the bush for some 985 kilometres, passing through such towns as Dwellingup, Mumballup, Pemberton and Northcliffe. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY026


Albany - Queens Park

On Stirling Terrace is the entrance to Queen's Park. The park is opposite the railway station. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY027


Albany - University of WA

Again on Stirling Terrace here is the Old Post Office which is now used by the University of W.A. This building was constructed in 1869 and had major alterations in 1895. One time the Penny Post Restaurant was here. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY028


Albany - University of WA

A rear view of the Old Post Office featuring the fine clock tower. Next door is the former Customs House which operating thus between 1870 and 1966. The Customs House is now home to the Spectrum Theatre. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY029


Albany - University of WA

Just south of the Old Post Office is another section of the University of W.A. campus (Facility of Natural and Agricultural Sciences). This building looks like a former hotel. The building also contains accommodation units and a laundromat. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY030


Albany - Town View

A look over town from an elevated street east of the town centre. The Town Hall is clearly visible. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY031


Albany - Town View

Another view across some house roofs down to Princess Royal Harbour. The Historical Precinct can be seen centre left. The Uniting Church is centre right. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY032


Albany - Town View

Princess Royal Harbour again this time featuring the new Entertainment Centre. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY033


Albany - Cottage

While I was taking my town view photos, I espied this pleasant cottage. This is Merri Fields constructed in 1897. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY034


Albany - Wesley Church

The Uniting Church in Australia Wesley Congregation Church on Duke Street. The church was established in 1863. The building was built in 1890. A stone on the church was dedicated by the Sunday School Children on 29th October, 1890. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY035


Albany - Wesley Church Hall

To the left of the Wesley Church is the church hall - the Albert Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Mayor of Albany, H. Robinson, on 5th September, 1914. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY036


Albany - Wesley Church Manse

To the right of the Wesley Church is the Manse. This was constructed in 1903 and like the church, is made of local granite. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY037


Albany - White Star Hotel

On Stirling Terrace is the White Star Hotel. On this site a Mr John McKail built a store in the 1860's. By 1906 the store was removed and the White Hart Hotel was constructed. Then by 1910 the White Heart was demolished to be replaced by the White Star Hotel. This would be related to the White Star Line ships which frequented Albany at the time. No White Star Line ship will ever be remembered as much as the ill-fated Titanic. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY038


Albany - Royal George Hotel

Next to the White Star Hotel is the Royal George Hotel, looking somewhat washed out in unfavourable light. This building is at least 100 years old. In a circa 1898-1902 photo of Stirling Terrace this hotel does not show. Another hotel, The Freemasons, used to be on Stirling Terrace but it was demolished in 1972. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY039


Albany - Premier Hotel

On York Street is the Premier Hotel, erected in 1891. This and the Albany Hotel are the two remaining survivors of the first three hotels to be built in Albany. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY040


Albany - Pyrmont House

Pyrmont House is located on Serpentine Road. In was built in 1857. This is used by Great Southern Development Commission, W.A. Tourism Commission and Harley Hedderwick & Webber Pty Ltd. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY041


Albany - Spencer Apartments

Spencer Apartments on Spencer Street. This is a former inn and was erected in 1890. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY042


Albany - Salvation Army Hall

The Salvation Army Hall is of 1911 vintage. No longer used by the Army, the building is currently available for lease. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY043


Albany - Albany Club

The Albany Club located at 23 Aberdeen Street. Originally the home of local businessman John Moir who later leased it to the Club for many years before the Club eventually bought it in 1946. The building has been modified over the years including the 2007 Masons addition on the left side. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY044


Albany - Freemasons Hall

On Spencer Street is this large former Freemasons Hall. When in use, this was Lodge No. 1464.EC. The Foundation Stone was laid by Bro. J. Mckenzie on 3th July, 1903. This hall is built on the site of the original 1873 Masonic Lodge (Lodge of St John) which was demolished in 1903. The Masons built new premises adjacent to the Albany Club in June 2007. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY045


Albany - Aberdeen House

Aberdeen House on Aberdeen Street is currently for sale. This was constructed in 1891, apparently as a Baptist Church Hall. Current tenants include Marshall Family Law and W.A. Insolvency Solutions Pty Ltd. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY046


Albany - Catholic Church

St Joseph's Catholic Church was constructed in 1878 and extended in 1939. The original Foundation Stone was laid by Bishop Griver in 1877. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY047


Albany - Convent

Adjacent to St Joseph's Church is the former St Joseph's Convent. This was built in 1881 for the Sisters of St Joseph. The Convent closed in 1976. The building was then damaged by Cyclone Alby in 1978. The building is currently occupied by Latro Lawyers. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY048


Albany - Mt Clarence Memorial

Atop Mount Clarence is a prominent war memorial. This is the very top of the memorial structure. The memorial is a grand structure and alas this picture does it no justice. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY049


Albany - Harbour Channel

A view across the harbour entrance channel from Mount Clarence. The channel connects King George Sound to Frenchman's Bay and Princess Royal Harbour. The channel is known as Ataturk Entrance. The land on the far side of the channel is Vancouver Peninsula. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY050


Albany - Natural Bridge

Albany is famed for its rugged and spectacular coast line. This is the Natural Bridge, one of the region's most famous tourist attractions. The action of the sea over the aeons has eroded away lower rock, leaving a natural granite bridge. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY051


Albany - Rocks Near Bridge

Rock formations near The Bridge are great for clambering over and taking in the views. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY052


Albany - Island Near Bridge

This is one of two islands in the Green Island group viewed from The Bridge area. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY053


Albany - Coastline Near Bridge

Looking north from the Bridge area along magnificent coastline. All of this area is within the Torndirrup National Park. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY054


Albany - The Gap

This is the Gap. A deep channel carved between almost vertical rock faces. Occasionally very large waves have been known to surge through the Gap and into the nearby car park. This photo does not do justice to the spectacle but I wasn't going to get any closer! October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY055


Albany - Blow Holes

Another well-known coastal attraction is the blow holes. They are down the bottom of that rock where everyone is looking. There was not enough wave power today to cause the water or air to jet out of the holes. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY056


Albany - Coast From Blow Holes

A view along the coast from the blow holes area. This is looking slightly north. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY057


Albany - Lighthouse From Blow Holes

On the other side of that headland is the Gap and Natural Bridge. This is looking west from the blow holes. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY058


Albany - Knoll From Blowholes

Magnificent rocky knoll to the east of the blow holes. The top looks like one single, very large rock. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY059


Albany - Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is on the southern side of King George Sound and is probably best known for the former whaling station. This a view from the whaling station area looking north across the groyne. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY060


Albany - Ship at Discovery Bay

In 1952 Cheynes Beach Whaling Station began operations and continued thus until 1978. This is the Cheyne IV whaling ship, now part of the museum. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY061


Albany - Wind Farm

In the hills to the west of Albany are 18 giant wind turbines which produce much of the town's electricity. These are quite elevated and close to the coast to take advantage of the usually strong prevailing winds. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY062


Albany - Old Gaol

Down at the southern end of town is an Historic Precinct - now a museum. Within the area is this old gaol complete with a guard look-out tower and nasty, sharp glass atop the perimeter walls. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY063


Albany - Old Gaol

Another face of the old gaol. This was built by convicts in the 1850's. The facility was expanded in the 1870's and was fully restored in the 1960's. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY064


Albany - View Near Old Gaol

A view down the railway line from next to the old gaol. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY065


Albany - The Residency

Within the precinct is this building, The Residency. This was built in the 1850's as Commissariat for the convict hiring depot. It became the Government Residency in 1873. Since 1975, this has been part of the museum. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY066


Albany - School Room

Here is a one-teacher school room within the Albany Historic Precinct grounds. This was once the Art Room at the old primary school on Albany Highway. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY067


Albany - Old Shop

Next to the one-teacher school room is the former Mount Barker Co-Operative Building. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY068


Albany - Amity

Within the museum area and just behind the gaol etc, is this faithful replica of the Brig Amity. The original Amity arrived in what is now Princess Royal Harbour on 25th December, 1826. The purpose of the landing was to establish a colony. The ship brought military personnel and convicts. The replica was built in the mid 1970's. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY069


Albany - Amity

Aboard the Amity. It is very small and makes one wonder how so many people in such a confined space could successfully complete such a long and arduous voyage from Europe. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY070


Albany - Dog Rock

At the town end of Middleton Beach Road is Dog Rock, a natural granite formation named for obvious reasons. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY071


Albany - Middleton Beach

East of the town centre and at the end of Middleton Beach Road is Middleton Beach. This is at the head of King George Sound and offers a fairly safe and sheltered swimming shoreline. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY072


Albany - Middleton Beach Cafes

A couple of cafes opposite Middleton Beach. There were a lot of people in the area today which made for something of a carnival atmosphere. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY073


Albany - Middleton Beach Surf Club

The Middleton Surf Club in Albany. Perhaps they may get some large waves here but certainly not today. Still, you don't necessarily need giant waves to get into swimming difficulties. Photo - October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY074

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