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The small townsite of Badgingarra is situated on the Brand Highway between Cataby and Eneabba and is 209 kms north of Perth. Surveyor Alexander Forrest passed through here in 1877 but it took until 1955 for the town to be gazetted. Poor soil conditions hampered the development of local agriculture until an agricultural research station was established in 1959. The town is in the Shire of Dandaragan. The passing Brand Highway was opened in 1976

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Badgingarra - Welcome Sign

The Badgingarra Truly Rural road side welcome sign on the outskirts of town. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR001


Badgingarra - Road to Tavern

The road sweeps up from the highway, past the roadhouse and Landmark, and on up to the tavern and then beyond. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR002


Badgingarra - Tavern

The front of the Badgingarra Tavern. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR003


Badgingarra - Tavern

An outside area at the Badgingarra Tavern. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR004


Badgingarra - Tavern Motel Units

Adjacent to the tavern are a couple of blocks of motel units. This is looking down the front of one of them. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR005


Badgingarra - Old Shop

This store looks of fairly recent vintage but it's all closed up now. This is next door to the tavern. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR006


Badgingarra - Old Shop

Along one wall of the closed store are these old post office boxes still displaying Commonwealth of Australia. COA with the keyholes neatly centred in the O's. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR007


Badgingarra - Landmark

The local Landmark branch which also incorporates the post office. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR008


Badgingarra - Motor Garage

One day a while ago this place would have been the only fuel merchant in town. The roadhouse next door now sells fuel but this business carries on repairing and maintaining vehicles. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR009


Badgingarra - Roadhouse

The local roadhouse. This would have been erected after the Brand Highway came through here in 1976. December 2015. Photos Ref: BDGR010

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