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A hamlet between Pinjarra and Waroona and about 100 kms south of Perth. This locality is mainly a pastoral centre and the town has never really grown beyond what is was many years ago. The named Coolup was first used in 1886 and the townsite gazetted in 1899. The main part of the town is set a kilometre or two west of the South Western Highway and is adjacent to the Perth to Bunbury railway line. The name Coolup is of Aboriginal origin


Coolup - Garage

The old Coolup service station on the South Western Highway. Like just about in all the smaller towns along this road, so many have closed down. December 2010. Photos Ref: CLUP001


Coolup - Church

St Mary's Anglican Church in Coolup was built circa 1926 and consecrated in 1933 by Rev. Cecil Wilson, Bishop of Bunbury. Travelling south from Pinjarra, take a right turn off the highway to go down into the Coolup townsite. One of the first buildings to be seen is this church on the right side of the road. December 2010. Photos Ref: CLUP002


Coolup - Church

Another view of St Mary's Anglican Church in Coolup. This is showing the face that is not visible from the road. January 2014. Photos Ref: CLUP003


Coolup - Road

A view a little bit further on towards the townsite. Nice rural road. Up there in the distance is the Coolup store. December 2010. Photos Ref: CLUP004


Coolup - Store

The Coolup Store was (as the building says) established in 1900. The store doubles up as the post office. The store can easily be seen when passing through on the Australind train on the nearby railway but you'd never see it travelling by via the South Western Highway unless you took the time to detour into the townsite. December 2010. Photos Ref: CLUP005


Coolup - Store

A refreshed look at the Coolup Store after over 8 years from the above photo. This is the store in its entirety. It really hasn't changed much at all.  March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP006


Coolup - CWA Hall

The Coolup Country Women's Association (CWA) Hall which is diagonally opposite from the store. This building dates back to 1896 and was erected as a school house. The Coolup school closed in 1933 whence this building was sold to the local Progress Association who in turn later donated it to the C.W.A. December 2010. Photos Ref: CLUP007


Coolup - Railway Station Sign

The Coolup railway station was demolished over twenty years ago. Fortunately the station sign was rescued by the then store owner and it now adorns the wall above the counter in the store. January 2014. Photos Ref: CLUP008


Coolup - Town Sign

Some group has had a bit of fun making up these direction pointers on this tree near the hall located on the road into town. March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP009


Coolup - Bus Stop

Smart bus stop just down from the store. This is the only one in town. The school kids must get picked up and dropped off here daily. March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP010


Coolup - Hall

The rear of the hall, this side facing the pony club grounds and further off the sale yards. The other side is facing the main road into town from the highway. March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP011


Coolup - War Memorial

Outside the hall near the road into town in the Coolup War Memorial. March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP012


Coolup - Water Tower

The fire-fighters water tower adjacent to the fire station, hall, and pony club grounds. March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP013


Coolup - Stock Saleyards

This elevated position overlooking the stock saleyards might be an auctioneer's perch or a vantage point for anyone overseeing livestock movements. March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP014


Coolup - Rail Yard

The Coolup rail yard looking south from the railway crossing. All that is left apart from the main line is a single loop. March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP015


Coolup - Rail Yard

It would have been adjacent to that tree where the Coolup railway station once upon a time sat. March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP016


Coolup - Hay Bale

A rolled bale of hay lies next to the stock loading ramp at the saleyards. March 2019. Photos Ref: CLUP017

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