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One of the largest towns in the Wheatbelt region. Narrogin is an important commercial centre servicing the local community and smaller local rural towns. Narrogin is situated on the Great Southern Highway and is 192 kms from Perth. The town is also located on the Great-Southern railway which runs between Perth and Albany. In 1891 the rail line was private and the owners decided upon a major stopping point here. The first recorded name was Narroging


Narrogin - Roadside Welcome Sign

This innovative welcoming sign can be seen on many of the roads leading into Narrogin. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN001


Narrogin - Federal Street

A part of leafy Federal Street looking very quiet early on a Sunday morning. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN002


Narrogin - Duke of York Hotel

On the corner of Federal and Egerton Streets is the impressive Duke of York Hotel. This was built in 1905. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN003


Narrogin - Mardoc Building

On Federal Street is the Mardoc Building otherwise known as the Cornwall Buildings. This is a dominant structure situated on the corner of Egerton Street. It was built in Dutch colonial style in 1911 by Mr T.H. Brown. Street level has always been shops. Over the years the upper level has functioned as a Coffee Palace, a Temperance Hotel and also as the Mardoc Guest House. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN004


Narrogin - Hordern Hotel

The Hordern Hotel on Federal Street. This building was constructed by Michael Brown in 1922. A previous hotel on this site, built in 1890, was destroyed by fire. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN005


Narrogin - Town Hall

The Narrogin Town Hall complex. The building is on the corner of Federal and Fortune Streets. It opened in 1908, a mere 2 years after the Narrogin municipality was established. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN006


Narrogin - Steptoe's

On the corner of Federal and Park Streets is Steptoe's Antiques. This building was probably once connected with the railways as the Foundation Stone was laid on 28th March 1958 by Hon. H. C. Strickland MLA, Minister for Railways. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN007


Narrogin - Railway Station

Once upon a time Narrogin was a large and important rail town and depot. Rail crews lived and worked here. The Albany Progress passenger train paused here. The rail yard was alive with rows and rows of freight vans. The loco shed was a place for housing and maintaining engines. These days its certainly quieter. This is a view from the overhead pedestrian bridge taking in the western aspect of the station. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN008


Narrogin - Railway Station

This is the eastern aspect of the station. Over in the distance sit an old X-class diesel locomotive and a couple of old vans. This station dates back to 1906. The Great Southern Railway established a depot here in 1889 which was privately owned until the Government bought it in 1896. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN009


Narrogin - Solicitor's Office

This is the former A.M.P. Insurance building constructed circa 1927 and is down by the railyards at the end of Fortune Street. The building is now occupied by W. L. and K. J. Everett, Barristers, Solicitors and Narrogin Settlements. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN010


Narrogin - Union Bank

The former premises of the Union Bank and later the ANZ Bank. This is at 104 Federal Street and was constructed in 1905 by Mr J.H. Brown. The building is now occupied by the Narrogin Chiropractic Clinic. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN011


Narrogin - Anglican Church

The Anglican Church of the Resurrection was constructed in 1901. No Foundation Stone could be found on the building. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN012


Narrogin - Baptist Church

The former Narrogin Baptist Church at 31 Fortune Street. The Foundation Stone was laid on 22nd May 1902 by Mrs A. Oliver. This apparently ceased being a church in 1980 and is now used by the Narrogin Beauty Clinic. The new Baptist Church is at 18 Fathom Street. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN013


Narrogin - Commonwealth Bank

Quite large for a rural bank, the Commonwealth Bank building sits alongside its banking neighbours on appropriately named Fortune Street. This building was erected in 1940. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN014


Narrogin - Post Office

The Post Office on Fortune Street, just across the road from the Commonwealth Bank. This building was erected in 1912. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN015


Narrogin - Shire Offices

At 43 Federal Street is the offices of the Shire of Narrogin. Narrogin has both Town and Shire councils. This building was erected in 1905 and was formerly the Road Board Office. The building underwent major renovations in 1961 when the Shire of Narrogin was established. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN016


Narrogin - RSL Soldiers Memorial Institute & History Hall

The RSL Soldiers Memorial Institute at 29 Egerton Street (the building on the left). This was built in 1924. These days the Rotary Club shares the premises with the RSL. The building on the right seems to be History Hall, formerly the Ambulance Hall, erected in the memory of pioneer Dr David Mackie. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN017


Narrogin - Old Courthouse Museum

On Egerton Street the old Courthouse has been transformed into a museum. Built in 1894, this was originally a school. It was the local courthouse from 1905 to 1976 apart from the period 1924 to 1945 when is was used by the Agricultural Bank. Interesting history. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN018


Narrogin - CWA Hall

The CWA Hall on Park Street. This building is still functional and continues to be used by the CWA. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN019


Narrogin - Headmaster's House

This old building is at 27 Egerton Street and is now occupied by Matrix Planning Solutions. This was constructed in 1890 as the school headmaster's house. November 2011. Photos Ref: NRGN020


Narrogin - Cornwall Hotel

The Cornwall Hotel at 12 Doney Street. This was erected in 1904. This was constructed for Mr William George Cornwall, a prominent district pioneer. Down the side (right in picture) the spelling is "Cornwall". It would seem that the signwriter who created the shingle over the front entrance got it wrong? February 2013. Photos Ref: NRGN021

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