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On the Albany Highway, 108 kilometres south of Perth. Not a townsite as such, more a service area for passing traffic and nearby farms, and also a junction with roads leading off to Wandering and Boddington. North Bannister roadhouse and road junction is to the north and Crossman is to the south. The area is named after Captain Thomas Bannister who discovered the nearby river in 1830 whilst on his way to Albany. John Septimus Roe applied the name


Bannister - Roadhouse

The Riverside Roadhouse on the Albany Highway - a welcome beacon on a long stretch of road between Armadale and Williams. It's only around 6.30am on a Sunday right now, and the place doesn't open until 8.00am. November 2011. Photos Ref: BANN001


Bannister - Albany Highway

The Albany Highway is a ribbon of black, disappearing in to the hills on its north-bound path to Perth. This is right outside the Riverside Roadhouse. November 2011. Photos Ref: BANN002


Bannister - Paddocks

Sheep graze of probably what's left of a recently harvested crop in this paddock at Bannister. November 2011. Photos Ref: BANN003


Bannister - Paddocks

Another paddock view at Bannister. It looks so dry even after fairly reasonable winter and spring rains. November 2011. Photos Ref: BANN004

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