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This used to be a small, sleepy forest town until minerals were discovered nearby giving rise to alumina mines and a gold mine. Boddington is 123 kilometres south-east of Perth between the Albany Highway and Dwellingup. The town was named after Mr Henry Boddington who farmed in the area in the 1860's and 1870's. The town is on the Hotham River and was gazetted as such in 1912. The railway from Dwellingup used to run as far east as Boddington Pool


Boddington - Welcome Sign

Approaching Boddington from the east, this is the welcome sign you will pass a few kilometres from town. The sign mainly depicts local mining activity and a town attraction, the Hotham River. April 2014. Photos Ref: BODD001


Boddington - Bannister Road

Looking south-west down Boddington's main street, Bannister Road. Beyond the road runs through to Dwellingup. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD002


Boddington - Post Office

The Post Office and Bisous next door. "Many of the old buildings in town have given way to more modern structures", lamented one of the local townsfolk to me. There are still a few left, however. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD003


Boddington - Shire

Polling day for local council elections are on today. This is the Shire of Boddington Office and if you're eligible, you can vote. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD004


Boddington - Hotel

The Boddington Hotel on Bannister Road. The hotel dates back to 1915. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD005


Boddington - Chemists

The local apothecary's shop - in modern terms, the chemist. It looks really fine located in this former house. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD006


Boddington - Delicatessen and Shops

This building houses a delicatessen and a couple of other small shops. Fairly modern in structure. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD007


Boddington - Opportunity Shop

On Bannister Road is the Boddington Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Opportunity Shop. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD008


Boddington - Old Bakery

The Old Bakery building on Bannister Road, now home to crafts, memorabilia and antiques. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD009


Boddington - Old Cottage Hospital

Back a street or two from the main road is the medical centre. This building was originally a cottage hospital built in 1943. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD010


Boddington - District Hospital

A little distance from the old cottage hospital is this fine new district hospital. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD011


Boddington - RSL Hall

In the vicinity of the old and new hospitals is the RSL Hall. This was built in 1958. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD012


Boddington - New Houses

The town has seen a substantial growth in new house development particularly on the east side of town. Undoubtedly this would be due to the influx of workers to the nearby mines. There are quite a few houses for sale today, as are these two. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD013


Boddington - Old School

Now on the other side of the Bannister Road, the west side. This is the old school which is currently undergoing maintenance. They have public Internet access inside today. This was built in 1920 and has been formerly known as the Boddington Junior School and the Boddington District School. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD014


Boddington - Marradong Community Hall

The original town hall was of weatherboard and iron and constructed on this site in 1924. In 1950, the local Marradong Road Board constructed the present building, the Marradong Community Hall on the same site. This building cost 15,000 pounds to erect. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD015


Boddington - Catholic Church

Just a little bit down the road to Ranford is St Joseph's Catholic Church. April 2014. Photos Ref: BODD016


Boddington - Road Board Office Building

Next door to the Community Hall is this building. Since 1993 it has been occupied by Boddington Community Newsletter Inc. The building was erected in 1925 as the Marradong Road Board. Marradong continued to be its name until 1961 when the Shire of Boddington was formed. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD017


Boddington - The Craft Shoppe

The Craft Shoppe down by the caravan park viewed through an historic piece of agricultural machinery located on the other side of the street. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD018


Boddington - Rail Wagon

Adjacent to the caravan park is this memorial to rail days gone by. The train line from Dwellingup reached here in 1913 and was used mainly for carting timber products. The line section closed in 1968. Much of the track has not been lifted but the bridges are unserviceable. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD019


Boddington - Fish Sculpture

Behind the caravan park and next to the Hotham River is Wanda the silver red-fin perch sculpture which was donated to the Shire by the Newcrest Boddington gold mine. April 2014. Photos Ref: BODD020


Boddington - Lions Weir on Hotham River

The Hotham River backs up behind the Lions Weir forming a rather pleasant swimming and picnic area in the town. At this time of the year, after a long, hot and dry summer, water is not flowing much at all. April 2014. Photos Ref: BODD021


Boddington - Hotham River

The Hotham River forms an upper reach of the Murray River and to see so much fine water here today came as a very pleasant surprise. It looks very picturesque as is flows through the forested hills. October 2011. Photos Ref: BODD022


Boddington - Railway Line

The railway from Pinjarra was closed decades ago but some track still exists almost right into town. This section of disused track is over in the north west part of Boddington. April 2019. Photos Ref: BODD023

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