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The locality of Marradong is situated on the Dwellingup - Boddington road, about 10 kilometres west of Boddington at the head of the Quindanning Road. Back in the 1920's Marradong was a thriving town with many amenities including a school, shop and an hotel. Situated so close to Boddington, which was enjoying rapid growth because of the arrival of the railway which opened up industry particularly forestry, Marradong was all but abandoned by the 1930's


Marradong - Pioneer Statue

This memorial, dedicated to the pioneers of Marradong and Boddington, was erected by the Marradong community in 2005 and is located at the front of St Albans church. The sculpture was created by local artist Leonid Zuks. The memorial also honours working dogs who greatly assisted the sheep farming industry. April 2014. Photos Ref: MARR001


Marradong - St Albans Church

The only remaining historic building in Marradong is St Albans Anglican church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mr Arthur Batt on 17th April, 1894. There are no ruins in Marradong. The old buildings have either been totally demolished or removed. April 2014. Photos Ref: MARR002


Marradong - Church and Churchyard

Looking across the Churchyard towards the rear of the church. Whilst there are many historic graves, the cemetery is still in use today. April 2014. Photos Ref: MARR003


Marradong - Pioneer Graves

Shown respectfully, here are some headstones on the graves of some of the pioneers who were instrumental in opening up the Marradong district for farming and settlers. April 2014. Photos Ref: MARR004


Marradong - Passing Road

Looking south-east down from the church, the country is mostly all reds and browns, the effects of a prolonged dry summer. April 2014. Photos Ref: MARR005


Marradong - Passing Road

Another view looking south-east from near the church. The Quindanning road passes by and steeply sweeps up the hill in the distance. April 2014. Photos Ref: MARR006


Marradong - Old Farmhouse

A few kilometres heading south on the Quindanning Road, this abandoned farmhouse was seen sitting in a paddock alongside the road. At one time some farming family's pride and joy. April 2014. Photos Ref: MARR007

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