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The small town of Quindanning is located around 35 kilometres south of Boddington, 35 kilometres west of Williams and 72 kilometres east of Harvey. The town is set on a road junction on the Williams River. The town is within the Shire of Williams. Farming in the Quindanning district commenced as early as the 1830's but is was not until 1907 that the town was gazetted. The town name is derived from nearby Quindaning pool and is of Aboriginal origin

West to Harvey  

Quindanning - Welcome Sign

Not quite a highway-side welcome sign but just as good. This clever artwork is outside the community hall and was created by a number of local young people in 2006. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG001


Quindanning - Hall

On the south side of the Williams River is the community hall which was established in 1958. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG002


Quindanning - Sculpture

At the front of the community centre and adjacent to the Welcome Sign is this metal sculpture. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG003


Quindanning - Hotel

The focal point of Quindanning particularly for those travelling through is the Quindanning Hotel, established in 1900, and modelled as an Old English Inn. This is the main entrance, a section of the front. The hotel has been extended over the years. The section visible in this picture was built in 1921. At one stage the hotel also doubled as the town store and post office. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG004


Quindanning - Hotel

Looking down the front of the hotel. At the side and rear are well-kept outdoor areas featuring green lawns and tables and chairs. The hotel is adjacent to the Williams River. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG005


Quindanning - Church

Slightly north of the hotel and the townsite is St Boniface Anglican Church. A very sturdy stone structure, the church was established in 1956. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG006


Quindanning - Paddocks and Hills

A view across the paddocks to distant hills next to the Quindanning townsite. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG007


Quindanning - Williams River Bridge

The road bridge across the Williams River as viewed from next to the hotel. Beyond the bridge is the Williams-Harvey road junction and the community centre. At present the river is completely dry. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG008


Quindanning - Race Track Entrance

Easter Saturday in Quindanning is race day. The racecourse is located a couple of kilometres down the road towards Harvey. Bright flags flutter in the breeze at the track entrance. The Picnic Race Club was established in 1979. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG009


Quindanning - Race Track Sculpture

An eye-catching metal sculpture at the race-track entrance featuring a dancing horse and cowboy. Atop is a lamp post and a rather prickly looking cat hissing down at the jumping-up dog. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG010


Quindanning - Race Day

The crowds are starting to build. The horses are being warmed up. Many tents are in the camping grounds erected and used by those who have travelled from afar. It looks like the makings of a good meet. April 2014. Photos Ref: QDNG011

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